Aaron Greenberg: Rare Preparing To Unveil Multiple Projects

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg confirmed that Rare is developing multiple projects and they are in the process of unveiling them. The news comes fresh from a recently recorded podcast with The Inner Circle Podcast when Greenberg was asked what the studio was working on. He also confirmed that Rare is not working with Twisted Pixel on any projects as well…

“Twisted Pixel is not working on a game with any other internal studios. They have an exciting project they’re working on as well, very unexpected and very different and we’ll just wait to surprise people with what it is.”

With knowledge of Rare developing multiple projects, what exactly could they be? Battletoads is bound to be one of them with the trademark being renewed in November last year and Phil Spencer wearing a Battletoads t-shirt during the Windows 10 event last month. Rumors also suggest that the studio is working on a new Banjo. E3 2015 is just a few months away, so we’ll likely see at least one of the projects there. What game are you hoping to be unveiled?

Source: Dualshockers