Another Unused Character For Unreleased Banjo X Revealed

Thanks to former Rare employee Steve Mayles we get to see another unused character meant for the unreleased Banjo X. Today Steve Mayles tweeted a small animation reel of Conga the Ape! The animation has Conga doing a small jump into a ground pound.

Conga first made his appearance in Banjo-Kazooie. The player encounters Conga in Mumbo’s Mountain on top of an orange tree of which he is very possessive. You will most likely get pelted with oranges if you get too close. Conga appears again in Banjo-Tooie where he guards the entrance to the Big Top tent in Witchyworld.

You can see it for yourself below!

Again Steve mentions that Banjo X was planned around 2005. Banjo X was first discovered a few years ago as an executable on an old original Xbox dev kit.

You can read more about Banjo X on PtoPOnline: