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One thought on “Banjo-Kazooie In Sixty Seconds

  1. Teidls

    fuck james and mike mondays donkey kong country is in the top 5 greatest games of all time or it is the best game ever,
    but those retards don’t even know what they are talking about, fag(lol just kidding about the fag insult, however everything else is real) Donkey kong country 1 is in the top 150 soundtracks at number 1, because it has the best video game music ever!!!! Also what the fuck do they expect releasing a donkey kong country video, and in it not talk about the actual subject they were supposed to talk about, dumbasses, seriously what did they expect, like what were they thinking? Oh yeah nothing, because they were dumbasses, stupid fucks. anyways donkey kong country beats all of their games combined, and if they actually had reasons for their stupidity, they should try to explain it, just try it. Or shut up and don’t do anything like they always do, i bet they are just sitting down and sucking at and complaining at more games, or just sucking ass at them. So yeah james should just remain silent for 7 seconds about this, and mike should remain silent for 7 seconds about this too, dumbass retards. Rare also has the best games on those consoles so rare beats them, also earthworm jim animations are not as crazy and as good as battlemaniacs, as earthworm jim sucks, and donkey kong country beats it too, that episode of them playing it, was just them sucking ass at it, stupid fucks, with out even understanding it first, like they always do, stupid fucks in that episode. Rare beats them all, just like they beat retro too, rare games scores 92 93 94 97 376/400 0.94 while retro is 40 40 40 70 190/400 = 0.475 of 4 of their best games compared, or actually rare’s 100 100 100 100 =400/400 = 100 vs retro’s 0 0 0 20
    20/400 =0.05 5 percent vs 100 percent and 94 percent vs 47.5 percent rare stomps retro and rapes retro and enslaves retro and destroys retro also rare is about quality, while retro is about quantity shitty quantity or just nothing, rare has the better games and are superior to retro, and rare was winning in all polls i saw them in quite comfortably in actually, just like how dkc1 >dkc2>dkc3
    Donkey kong country 1 400 votes
    donkey kong country 2 1 votes
    donkey kong country 3 0 votes
    donkey kong country 1 best music soundtrack and gameplay in the series and was winning all the polls i saw

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