Episode 01: Tooty Returns

Today is a big day for the gullible bear. A letter arrives for Banjo stating that his little sister, Tooty, is supposed to return home from music school this very day. He has cleaned, cleaned, and cleand trying to get the little blue home sparkling from top to bottom. Even Roysten licks his fish bowl until it shines like new. Kazooie, on the otherhand, works only her feathers on Super Jinjo Bros., as usual.

“Kazooie! Would you please turn off the Game Boy and help me clean up? Tooty could arrive at any moment!” says Banjo as he rushes past Kazooie to grab the mop by the fireplace. Kazooie purposely ignores him and continues with her game.

“I dare say, dear Banjo, that it isn’t quite fair that you do all the work around here. You should consider finding a new bree-gull to toat around,” suggests Roysten. He takes a glance at Kazooie and shakes his head. “But I digress. The rest of her kind are probably just as lazy.” That was all Kazooie needed to hear. With a quick flick of her feathery wrist, a nearby dusty magazine goes flying through air to splash into Roysten’s fish bowl.

“Ahhh! You gruesome beast! Look at that filth! Why, if I had legs I’d give you a rather nice kick in the a-a-argh! Hack hack!” Roysten tries to finish but can only hack and cough as his lungs fill with dust. Kazooie falls to the floor laughing. Banjo, however, recognizing the dilemma for what it is, quickly removes the magazine and switches on the bowls dirt filter. Within a matter of seconds, the dust is gone and Roysten, breathing normal once again, is frantically wiping his bowl down clean with his rapid pacing tongue.

Banjo glares at Kazooie evilly ceasing the birds laughter instantly. The embarassed bird stands to her feet and nods apologetically. She walks to the cupboard, removes a bag of freshly picked honey and begins cooking the meal they all shall share when Tooty arrives.


Tooty walks down the familiar dirt trail that will eventually place her at a little blue house at the far end of Spiral Mountain: her home. She skips and hops excitedly at the aspect of getting to see her older brother, her loud-mouthed bird friend, and a really sweet golden fish again.

It has been a few years since she last saw them. Shorly after Gruntilda the Witch’s first defeat, Tooty practically begged Banjo to send her to the Great Music Academy so that she may further progress in her skills with her musical instrument: a silver flute. After many days deep in thought and several discussions with both Kazooie and Roysten, Banjo finally decided that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea afterall. So a letter requesting that Tooty join the Great Music Academy was sent immediately.

A few days later, a letter arrived in the mail stating Tooty’s accectance into the Great Music Academy and requested her presence as soon as possible. Thus, Tooty’s belongings were instantly packed, good-bye’s were said, and Tooty was off to music school.

Now, the young bear trots happily–filled with excitement–as her home comes into view, completely unaware of the many eyes that are watching her intenly from within the bright green leaves of a nearby tree.


“Who izz that zzweet little bear?” comes a buzz from the confinement of one of Spiral Mountain’s many trees. “That zzweet little bear izz the reazzon we’re hear JayNay,” comes a response from JeeNee, JayNay’s older brother.

JeeNee is the leader of a large band of bees–consisting well over one hundred–called the HeeBee-JeeBeez. He, as all the others, wears a black and gold leather jacket and touts a humongous afro. He and the rest of the HeeBee-JeeBeez reside now in a newly built DiscoBall HiveClub at the tip-top of Heggy the Hen’s Egg in the Isle ‘o’ Hags.

Many years ago–when Tooty was but a young cub–JeeNee had been responsible for leading the HeeBee-JeeBeez on an attack against Tooty’s brother, Banjo, who had come to steal some honey. Though Banjo had gotten stung severy times, he still somehow managed to escape… with the honey. And now, with Banjo’s little sister trotting carelessly before his eyes, JeeNee plans to get his revenge by bearnapping Tooty.

“Let’zz get thizz cool bear, JayNay,” says JeeNee and buzzes from the tree followed closely by JayNay. Within seconds they have Tooty flailing wildly trying to swat them away. Eventually, JeeNee finally stings Tooty in the neck with his sleep inducing stinger. The helpless cub struggles a bit more momentarily before tumbling to the had earth deep in sleep.


“Gulp! I wonder what’s taking Tooty so long to get here, Kazooie? She should have been here already,” says Banjo, worried that something may have happened to his little sister. The letter in the mail from the Great Music Academy stated that Tooty should have arrived at approximately noon; the time is now three.

“Stop your worrying, furball. She was probably just bearnapped by that warty witch again,” says Kazooie, causing Banjo to wince.

“Kazooie!!” responds the troubled bear and dashes for the door, grabbing Kazooie and the backpack on the way.


The golden honey flows rapidly throughout the hive endlessly seeming to dance simultaneously to the beat of the music. For this is the home of the HeeBee-JeeBeez, masters of Disco.

This particular hive–called the DiscoBall HiveClub–is the largest ever built. It’s so large, in fact, that even a full grown bear would have no problem strolling around the premises. Eventhe the Zubbas–their longtime rivals–feel humbledat the mere sight of such and incredible display. The hive rests atop Heggy the Hen’s home–a giant hollowed-out egg–nearly doubling the size of the complex! Heggy had at first opposed the idea of the band of bees building a hive atop her fine tuned home, but a few well-placed stings to her bottom erased those thoughts of opposition.

This day, though, the HeeBee-JeeBeez feel even more powerful and full of pride. For dangling before their very eyes is Tooty the bear, held aloft in a swinging steel cage. Simply beholding the captured young cub causes them to sing and dance with more enthusiasm than ever before.

“Shake shake shake… shake shake shake… shake ya stinga,” they sing, their afros following the steps of their feet. The music seems to beat louder and quicker than normal with their prisoner within the complex. JeeNee realizes, amazed that the prospect of revenge means so much to his loyal companions.

“Zzee cool bear will and try to rock our joint, ya dig?” JeeNee tells his brother, fully confident that Banjo will attempt to rescue his sister.

“Yeah, yeah, I digzz bozz,” replies JayNay and buzzes off to prepare the HeeBee-JeeBeez Stinger Brigade. The brigade whose mission is to ultimately KILL Banjo the honey bear.


“Toooootyyyy!” yells Banjo once again, his voice growing hoarse from constantly yelling. He and Kazooie have searched all over Spiral Mountain for Tooty for nearly and hour and haven’t stumbled across even the slightest clue that she has ever been there. If she was bearnapped, then whoever–or whatever–covered their tracks really well… almost.

“Hey Banjo! What’s that black thing over their by the moat?” asks Kazooie, referring to the watery moat surrounding the central pillar that gives Spiral Mountain its name. The eager bears runs rapidly to investigate his bree-gull friend’s find. He bends to his knees and lifts the little black lump between his paws. His eyes widen in horror as he shows it to Kazooie, realizing what it is.

“What is it, furball? One of skirt boy’s nose hairs? Hee hee!” the bird laughs, not understanding the significance in this lump of black hair.

“G-g-gulp! I’m a-afraid it’s much w-worse that that K-Kazooie! It’s a p-piece of hair from one of th-those HeeBee-JeeBeez,” replies Banjo, shocked that the band of bees is still around.

“HeeBee-JeeBeez? You mean those disco bees that stung your furry hide?” questions Kazooie, even though she already knows the answer. Afterall, how couldn’t she? The day Banjo told her the story of his encounter with the HeeBee-JeeBeez and how he found Kazooie–still in her egg–was one of the most boring days of her life!

Banjo shakes his head and searches his surroundings for more clues. At first, he sees nothing but green grass, dirt, and the occasional Colliwobble that flutters by. But suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he sees another cluster of froey black hair. Then, not too far ahead from that, he sees yet another! A trail, he realizes! A trail that could only lead to one place–Tooty!


“Let me out of here!” screams Tooty as she shakes the cage she’s imprisoned in violently. No one can here her though, however, for the Disco music is much too loud. To the HeeBee-JeeBeez, her desperate pleas is nothing more than an extra beat to the song. “Let me out of here or my big brother Banjo is going to come and kick your butts!” she screams even louder than previously, but again is drowned out by the tempo.

She falls to her knees in dismay, her head hanging low. How much longer will it be until Banjo gets here? Will he even come? She quickly shakes that notion from her head and sits back, wrapping her arms around her chest. Her brother will come to her aid, she knows. It’s only a matter of time.


With an extra bounce in his step, Banjo rushes to lump after lump, determined that this path will lead him to his sister. Minute after minute passes by, the hair lumps leading he and Kazooie–in the backpack strapped to Banjo’s back–to the Isle ‘o’ Hags. They follow and follow all the way through Jinjo Village, past Jiggywiggy’s Temple and the Mayas, until the trail abruptly ends directly in front of Heggy the Hen’s Egg Shell.

Both bear and bird gaze upward simultaneously and both their jaws drop likewise. The spectacle before them is just simply overwhelming. Never have they saw such an enormous hive! And never have they heard such spectacular music either!

“Sting, babaaaby, sting!” Banjo hears Kazooie singing and glances over his shoulder to see her dancing along with the melody as well. But he didn’t have to look to know she was dancing because his own body is shaking irrationally. To the eyes of others, it probably seems that he has gone quite hysterical. Or maybe having a seizure even!

“Kazooie! Would you please stop and help me figure a way to up to that hive?!” Banjo pleas, feeling nauseous from all of the involuntary movements.

“Just like you to have to ruin all the fun goofy,” says Kazooie, always criticizing. “Besides, I’ve already figured it out, party pooper! Just dig your claws into the side of Heggy’s Egg and climb up! Not that hard, doofus!” she boasts, always proud of her ‘intelligence’.

Banjo on the otherhand, slaps himself silly for not thinking of that first. He is a bear afterall, and climbing is what he does best! So the eager bear strolls over to the egg shell, forces his protruding claws into it, and hoists himself up enough to get the claws of his hairy feet into the egg as well. And thus, his current mission of climbing his way to the DiscoBall HiveClub begins.


“There he izz boyz,” JayNay says as he motions for the Stinger Brigade to prepare to attack. “And it appearzz that thiz cool bear hazz brought along a little friend,” he stat’es when he notices the glimmer of something red moving around on Banjo’s back. “Alright boyzz. Attack!”

With that command, the Stinger Brigade buzzes out of the hive without hesitation, eager to please their leader. Had JayNay known, though, the significance behind that red glimmer, he would have wished them to have hesitated. In fact, he never would have issued the attack! For redcrested bree-gulls just so happen to find bees a rather delightful snack…


“Uh-oh! Whooaaa! Owww…” cries Banjo, his paws nearly numb from the constant stings of the HeeBee-JeeBeez. He has no method of attacking his adversaries unless he is to release his firm grip on the giant egg shell. That would surely send both he and his friend plummeting to their possible demise.

Kazooie, however, beckons to Banjo to fight the grimacing pain and continue his ascent as she gulps down every bee that comes within ranger of her open beak. She twists her neck to and fro, snatching bees and swallowing the doomed victim before it even realizes its dilemma.

Eventually, the HeeBee-JeeBeez decide its better to avoid the ever gulping bree-gull altogether and primarily focus on the helpless bear, who is still climbing relentlessly despite his pain. The bees underestimate the bird’s fighting prowess.

With a remarkable twist of her feathery neck, Kazooie plunges her agaped beak into the swarm of bees on Banjo’s hands and pecks away, swallowing one bee after another. In a matter of seconds, the entire Stinger Brigade is consumed.

Banjo glances over his shoulder and silently thanks his feathery friend for her daring rescue. Then, with paws no longer numb and bound determination, the honey bear begins his ascent anew at an incredibly fast pace. It is time to save Tooty!


Buzzz! Buzzz! Buzzz! Sounds the alarm throughout the hive. After watching his entire brigade be annihilated single-handedly by an unexpected visitor, JayNay wasted no time in returning to his brother’s side. He immediately notified JeeNee of the catastrophe that had just occurred moments before his arrival. Thus, the DiscoBall HiveClub emergency alarm was sounded.

Now, with the alarm still ringing everso loudly, the music no longer plays and JeeNee personally prepares the remaining HeeBee-JeeBeez for war. Tooty will not be taken, he decides. He will sacrifice his entire clan if he must. But never himself, though, of course.


Banjo the bear hoists himself upward one last time having finally reached the top. Kazooie, not expecting the sudden jerk, is too late to brace herself. Her neck slings backwards nearly toppling her and Banjo over the edge.

“Banjo… you big overgrown hairball!” Kazooie remarks as she moves her head about in a circular rotation attempting to free herself of the whiplash she just suffered.

Banjo hardly registers the words–and hardly cares–as his thoughts are currently elsewhere: completely focused on rescuing Tooty.

With no more delays on hand, the eager pair enters the DiscoBall HiveClube ready for anything. Immediately after their entrance, they both see Tooty dangling from the ceiling, imprisoned within a steel cage.

“Banjie!” the captured bear cries, but her plea falls short when a sudden pain soars through her neck. She quickly turns aside to see JeeNee slowly fly away, replacing another sleep engaging stinger where the other had once been. Then all goes black.

In that instant, a sudden burst of momentum flows through Banjo. sending him clawing his way through a pack of now wary bees. Never have the HeeBee-JeeBeez seen such fury!

Left, right, left! Each unrelenting swipe of his paw sends yet another foew to its demise. Kazooie, with no apparent opportunities opening up for her to get in on the action, simply fires a perfectly aimed Grenade Egg crashing into the single chain holding up Tooty’s cell. The cage comes soaring to the ground of the hive, causing its door to open upon impact. Then, relying upon pure instinct, the bree-gull begins releasing several Fire Eggs upon the hive’s flowing honey, easily igniting the entire complex.


JeeNee and JayNay’s eyes widen in horror at the sudden realization of their failed plan. Not wanting to join the rest of their deceased band, they buzz off toward the entrance faster than they’ve ever flue before. But not fast enough. Before their destination is ever reached, a single Fire Egg flares up before their path, too sudden for either to halt their escape. Then they are dead.

Kazooie, not in the least ready to begin boasting about such a well-placed shot, flutters forth from the backpack and motions for Banjo to hurry and grab Tooty–who is still unconsious from JeeNee’s stinger–so that they may escape before they, too, are consumed by the engulfing fire.

Banjo does as his freind beckons and grabs his sister before it’s too late. With Tooty tucked tightly under one arm, he makes for the exit following closely on Kazooie’s heels. Then he suddenly comes to a screeching halt, barely avoiding knocking Kazooie over. They both had forgotten just how high they actually are!

“Gulp! Now what Kazooie?!” he asks while glancing over his shoulder. The fire begins crackling even louder as what remains of the hive is fast being consumed. And that also means the heat is becoming even more intense!

“Don’t worry, Banjo! Just clim on my back adn I’ll glide us down to safety!” she quickly replies, motioning for Banjo to climb on. With no time to argue and undying trust in his friend, he climbs on board and wraps his arms snug around the bree-gull’s neck. Kazooie then spreads her wings wide and dives over the edge, the wind catching her feathers perfectly, sending her and her friends alike soaring with ease through the air down to safety.

Moments later, the final pieces of the DiscoBall HiveClub crumble, leaving nothing save a large pile of blackened ash remaining atop of Heggy’s home.

The duo watched it all from a distance. safe and secure from those final moments. They both are glad to finallh be rid of the HeeBee-JeeBeez once-and-for-all but feel some sadness and reprieve in their hearts at one nagging thought: Disco has just died!

But that thought doesn’t last for long when they each look upon Tooty’s unconcious form and then at each other. They both nod in silent agreement: it’s time to go home!


Tooty wakes up the following morning comfortably nestled in a bed and finds herself in a very familiar place: home! And if that itself wasn’t enough, she becomes equally excited when she sees all of her old friends there with her! Banjo stirring fresh and veggies in a pot; Roysten swimming around in his bowl; Kazooie and Bottles engaging in an arguement, as usual; and Mumbo Jumbo touting off some new magic spells he created to Klungo.

Tooty lies back and pulls the blankets up to her chin, a wide grin spread over her face. It is good to be home!