Battletoads’ Infamous Two-Player Bug To Be Fixed

Earlier this week Polygon reported that during the Rare panel at SDCC 2015 Craig Duncan, studio head, spoke about the not so fun co-op bug in Battletoads. The issue would happen when both players would reach the 11th level in the game. Player two’s controls would not work correctly preventing them from moving. Player one would have to kill themselves until they had no more lives for their co-op partner’s controls to start working again.

“We’re aware of the bug,” said Craig Duncan, studio head at Rare, at the developer’s San Diego Comic-Con panel today when a fan asked about the glitch. “It’s part of Battletoads legend. We have a way of fixing it, so it is something that’s on our final bug list.”

Duncan said Rare debated whether or not to fix the glitch at all, explaining that although it’s adding new features, like rewinds and cheat modes, “we wanted to maintain the authenticity of these games.”

“To answer the question directly, yes, we’re gonna fix it,” Duncan said. Rare wants people to play games the way they remember, he added, but admitted that Battletoads is already hard enough.

So for anyone worried about reliving that small nightmare your fears should be squashed!