Behind The Scenes Of Sea Of Thieves’ “We Shall Sail Together” Tavern Tune

Rare’s Community Manager, Cameron Thomas, connected with Sea of Thieves composer Robin Beanland to learn more about the “We Shall Sail Together” (listen to it here) song that debuted during their E3 2016 trailer. Read up on some of the article below and visit the Sea of Thieves website to read it in its entirety!

While his signature hurdy-gurdy features prominently in the mid-section of the song, there’s actually use of a wide range of instruments throughout. There are hints of everything from electric bass to drums to the precariously spelled nyckelharpa, a fiddle-like instrument that shares similarities to a hurdy-gurdy but is played with a bow rather than through cranking a wheel. All of these instruments were used intentionally and Robin tells us that this was because “that’s what we’re using in the game soundtrack, so I wanted the Sea of Thieves signature in the cinematic trailer to tie everything together”.