Brief Tease Of A New Rare Game At The Xbox Reveal

Myself, like many others, was looking forward to seeing something from Rare at the Xbox Reveal this morning. Announcement after announcement being made, and there was nothing… or was there? As it would turn out, there was a very small and brief glimpse of a Rare game on the Xbox One’s dashboard–right in front of our faces! Take a look at the photo below…


See the circled image? That, my friends, is a Rare game in all of it’s glory. If you’re having trouble seeing it, here is a zoom in directly on the image itself.


Notice the Rare logo in the upper right corner? Can’t miss it, right? Now what game this is exactly I’ve no idea, but it appears to be a new IP. Judging from the bald guys outfite, I would surmise it to be a shooter and/or action/adventure title of sorts. Examine the picture carefully for yourselves and let us know in the comments your thoughts on it!

Special thanks to Amir for his keen eyes and providing the pictures!