Conker’s Bad Fur Day Live Stream Highlights

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Live Stream Highlights

The Conker theme week for Rare continued with a live stream of the employees playing through Conker’s Bad Fur Day while taking questions from the fans. So if you missed the stream or don’t have time to watch it below are some of the highlights:

  • Show opens with a fantastic live in-house band at Rare.
  • Adam Park, Robin Beanland and Louise O’Connor are hosting.
  • Louise’s first job at Rare was an animator for Conker. She also did a little bit of voice acting (voice of Berri). Conker had been a year in development before she joined.
  • Robin Beanland produced all the sounds and music for Conker’s Bad Fur Day. When Robin is creating a tune his goal is to create a really catchy song. He loves themes and melodies.
  • For Conker Robin had to make sure the tracks could loop.
  • While the team was creating the game they would always have the tunes going on in the background.
  • Chris Marlow wrote cutscene editor in the Conker engine. Animators would build animations in Maya and import them into this cutscene editor and block out the scenes.
  • 2 hours of cutscenes. Cutscenes were seen as the reward for completing tasks in the game.
  • There was hardly any script for Conker. Only the intro was scripted and everything else was improvised.
  • Robin was really happy with the western tune from Twelve Tales but there wasn’t any content from Twelve Tales or Pocket Tales that they wish made it into Conker’s Bad Fur Day.
  • Twelve Tales was the Killer Instinct team at first. Was going to be a cute platformer. Started off as Conker’s Quest and then turned into Twelve Tales.
  • Conker was always a squirrel. A squirrel was chosen because of starting in a cute game so the creators wanted a cute animal.
  • Tim Stamper was keen on having a broad appeal for the main protagonist of Conker’s Quest/Twelve Tales and the squirrel was chosen.
  • South Park had a big influence on Conker.
  • The gargoyle is one of Louise’s favorite characters. He is one of the first big characters the player meets and introduces the player to the frying pan.
  • Louise did the juggling idle animation.
  • The movie parodies range from classics such as Jaws, Dracula and Indiana Jones to popular movies at the time.
  • You can hear a squirrel yell “Save Ferris” at one point in the game.
  • “Teddiz, I hate these guys” is from Indiana Jones.
  • Berri in Bad Fur Day is probably not the same as the Berri in Pocket Tales. Original Berri could talk to animals and other cute things (also Berri was playable) but now in Bad Fur Day she is a butt kicker!
  • Conker is the most played game in Rare Replay.
  • Chris Seavor also did Conker’s voice for Twelve Tales.
  • Robin used alka seltzer tablets for the sound of the whizzing bullets in the Saving Private Ryan scene.
  • To capture the sound of Conker in space Chris Seavor had to put a bin on his head while talking.
  • The team thought about doing bloopers of Conker scenes during credits at one point similar to Toy Story.
  • Studio Head Craig Duncan and Chris Davies join the group for some fun multiplayer action!

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