Conker’s Pocket Tales: The Official Story

NOTE: This story is derived from the official Conker’s Pocket Tales instruction booklet.

“Surprise!” cheered Berri and friends as Conker stared speechlessly at the mountain of presents before him. “Happy birthday, Conker!”

He thanked them heartily, jumping up and down as he eyed the stash of gifts.

“Hold on,” said Berri, stepping between the squirrel and his birthday hoard. “There’s something else you have to do first…” She gave a whistle, and in came a trolley bearing the biggest birthday cake Conker had ever seen.

“Wow, Berri! This is great!” he exclaimed.

But Berri was frowning. “Hang on,” she said suspiciously, “this isn’t the one I made…”

Suddenly the fake cake burst open with a crash. A bulky figure sprang up from the wreckage, cackling as it landed amidst the presents and started gathering them up for itself.

“Hey!” Berri squealed angrily at the intruder. “What do you think you’re… Yikes!”

Quick as a flash, their uninvited guest turned on Berri and grabbed her under one arm, even as it turned to flee with its haul of goodies.

“Conker!” came Berri’s suddenly-panicked voice.

But by the time Conker had pushed through the stunned crowd and made it to the door, the Evil Acorn and his captive were nowhere to be seen…