Donkey Kong Country 3: The Official Story

This story is derived from the official Donkey Kong Country 3 instruction booklet.

Months after their most recent victory against King K. Rool and his Kremling army, the Kongs were still celebrating. Soaking up the sun in their favorite glade on DK Island, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong often slung up hammocks, hit the music, and spent the day chilling out with banana milkshakes.

Dixie Kong sometimes joined them, but early one morning she was surprised to find Diddy’s room empty. A scribbled note on the table read: “Gone exploring the islands with DK. Back tomorrow!” Dixie could remember the last three times that they’d already tried this plan, and they’d yet to make it further than the beach, so that’s where she went looking. She realized well before she arrived that it was far too quiet for DK and Diddy to be around. Surely they hadn’t stuck to one of their hare-brained schemes for once? Weel, she hoped that they were having fun, wherever they were. Neither of them returned that day, and when another visit to Diddy’s place the following morning found it still deserted, Dixie found herself starting to worry. Everybody knew what kind of trouble those two were capable of getting themselves into: just what had they landed in this time?

When there was still no sign of them by the third morning, Dixie decided to take matters into her own hands, being no stranger to adventure herself. Without a second thought she made her way down to the southern shores of DK Island and swam across the mainland. A brief visit to Wrinkly Kong at her relaxation retreat told Dixie that the boys certainly had passed by, though without saying where they were headed.

Following Wrinkly’s suggestion, Dixie called on Funky Kong at his beach workshop, but Funky just pointed across the cluttered room to his only other recent visitor–Dixie’s hefty toddler cousin Kiddy Kong, who lounged in a corner chewing happily on a spare tire. After a certain amount of pleading on Funky’s part, Dixie agreed to give him a break from the role of reluctant babysitter by letting Kiddy join the search for a while.

So it was that the two of them set out on the latest adventure in the Kong family records, soon to discover a whole new variety of Kremlings running loose in the world, all seemingly under the control of a new master, KAOS.