Donkey Kong Land


Donkey Kong Land is the first of the DKL trilogy to release on the Game Boy in 1995. The story of the game involves Cranky Kong being overly jealous of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong having a widely successful adventure in Donkey Kong Country and blames their success and ultimately the success of the game itself on its amazing graphics and sound. He concludes that they would have never succeeded on a less capable machine and proceeds to have King K. Rool steal the Banana Hoard for a second time. The reptilian king agrees and once again steals the Banana Hoard from the Kongs. This prompts Donkey and Diddy to once again leave the safe confines of their home and set out on another adventure to defeat King K. Rool and retrieve the stolen bananas.


Screenshots- Over one-hundred screenshots provided here from the opening title screen to the end credits. Spoilers within!