Double Dragon Neon Developers Want Battletoads as DLC

Are Battletoads Back?


Ah, the good old SNES days, way back when Nintendo and Rare worked together before the days of Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Kameo. Remember Battletoads? They are just one of the pieces of magic Tim and Chris Stamper created. Would you like to see it back on your screens as DLC? If you played the 1993 cross over of Battletoads and Double Dragon then you’ll know how mouth-watering this collaboration sounds!


The latest Double Dragon Neon game due to be released in July 2012, is rumoured to suggest that Battletoads could make an appearance in the game. Would you like to see this happen? During a recent interview with IGN, this is what WayForwards’ Sean Velasco made of the rumours, “Maybe if everyone from the internet calls and bothers Microsoft and Rare enough, we could get the Battletoads into Double Dragon Neon as DLC.” Velasco is the lead designer of Double Dragon Neon and believes it could happen. Would you like to see Battletoads back? As DLC for Double Dragon Neon, it seems a fantastic idea, and maybe the beginning of Rare returning to some form on some of their more initial I.P’s. Are you looking forward to fighting again with Billy and Jimmy Lee? We are!

Contact Devices At The Ready!

So if you are a Battletoads fan and you can’t wait to get the rumoured DLC plopped onto your screen, will you be contacting Rare or Microsoft to voice your support? What excites you most about the DLC?