E3 2013 Conference Times

It’s almost here everyone! E3 2013 is just around the corner and I’m sure many of you are just as excited about it as I am. And if I had to guess, then I’d say the most exciting portion would be the big conferences, right? So here is a guide providing you with the very day, date and hour in which the conferences will be taking place…

Note: All Conference Times Are Pacific Standard Time. Adjust To Your Time Zone Accordingly

Konami– Thursday, June 6th at 10 AM

Microsoft– Monday, June 10th at 9AM to 11AM

Electronic Arts– Monday, June 10th at 1PM to 2PM

Ubisoft– Monday, June 10th at 3PM to 4PM

Sony– Monday, June 10th at 6PM to 8PM

Nintendo– Tuesday, June 11th at 7AM

Which of the conferences are you looking forward to the most? I’m very curious to see what Nintendo has to show, but Microsoft will be the cream of the crop for myself. You know, with that new Rare game to be revealed and all. Share your own opinions in the comments and come discuss E3 and more in the forums!