Early Banjo-Kazooie: More Balls, Less Kazooie

Another awesome Banjo tweet from Rare veteran Gregg Mayles today. Instead of fruit and shoes and hats this time he shared some game mechanics that involve different kinds of sports balls.


As you can see from the picture Banjo was going to have access to 10 different kind of balls ranging from a water filled balloon to basketball. There are a couple of interesting balls such as the American football boot that could be kicked in a diagonal arc and hit multiple baddies.

image image

From the second picture you can see various stages of the balls once they’ve been powered up. The baseball, for instance, would allow three pitches instead of one and the football would allow dribbles. A number of other power-ups and such are provided in the picture, so pour over it to see all of their capabilities.

With all of this new information regarding the early move designs of Banjo, was there any one in particular that you wish had still been a part of the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!