Early Concept Art For Donkey Kong In Donkey Kong Country

So a while back Rare game designer, Gregg Mayles, posted a tweet asking what fans would like to see early concept art and ideas for first: Banjo-Kazooie or the Mystery Folder. Banjo won but today Gregg has come back to the folder to show off early Donkey Kong Country material.

In the tweet below you can see what Donkey Kong for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System era started off looking like. Donkey Kong looked much more similar to the Nintendo Entertainment System than what he eventually looked like by the time Donkey Kong Country was shown to the public. Donkey Kong’s face is most notably different in DKC than the designs below.

It is really awesome to see the original design ideas for what eventually became the Donkey Kong we know today. The Donkey Kong from DKC is definitely the most famous look and most designs of him today in later games with Donkey Kong are based off the DKC model.

Let us know what you think about DK’s original look in the comments below!