EXCLUSIVE: 5 Things That I Would Like to Have Seen in Kameo 2

Despite launching alongside the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, Kameo: Elements of Power still stands as one of the most memorable experiences on the console. Now, although a sequel was in development, it has long since been shelved.

Still, that will not stop me from dreaming of what could have been! So, without further ado, here are the five things that I would love to have seen in a sequel to Rare’s lone, action-adventure game on the Xbox 360:

1. A More Expansive Overworld

While aesthetically enchanting and appropriately structured for the game that it was in, the overworld of the original Kameo was little more than a glorified hub. Similarly to previous Rare titles, such as Diddy Kong Racing and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, each of the regions – forest, water, snow, and fire – were compacted together in a way that didn’t completely sell the idea of a living, breathing world.

I am not suggesting that Kameo 2 should have attempted to replicate a Bethesda-style overworld, assuming that it would have held true to its action-adventure roots. Something more along the lines of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess map would have been a happy medium, I think.

2. A More Defined Mythology

Much of the mythos of Elements of Power is comprised of pretty generic fantasy. Granted, the game does feature a handful of unique races, but only the elves, trolls, and sargothans are given any semblance of depth or backstory. Some further exploration of the latter would not only have been necessary, given the revelation of the Mystic’s betrayal, but it also would have been wholly appreciated. Provide us with some insight on the lifestyle of the other races, and throw in some new ones for good measure.

3. A More Engrossing Narrative

As with the mythology, the overarching story of the original Kameo contained several exciting nuggets that could have been expounded upon in a sequel. Farron and his resemblance to Kameo’s presumably late father, the relationship between Kameo, Theena, and potentially Kalus, the true intentions of the aforementioned Mystic – there is some juicy story material there. To see those plot elements left hanging there, without any further elaboration, is immensely frustrating.

4. The Return of Steve Burke

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the initial game was the sweeping musical score by Steve Burke. Right from the get-go, it set a – forgive me for using this term – epic, appropriately fantastical tone that permeated the rest of the experience. From the soothing melodies of the Enchanted Kingdom, to the industrial, warlike presence of Drok’s Theme, these tracks really ran the gamut.

If a Kameo 2 is to ever be developed, it needs Steve Burke at the conductor’s chair.

5. Can’t We Work Together?

Along with the music, one of the defining features of Kameo was the implementation of the Elemental Warriors themselves. Using multiple warriors, one after the other, to either solve a particular puzzle or simply traverse the environment was an interesting dynamic. For instance, I loved using Major Ruin to launch off of a ramp, only to immediately switch over to Chilla in order to stick to an icy cliff.

There is a ton of potential within that underlying concept. It wouldn’t even have to be restricted to main game progression, either. Using multiple warriors to discover creative ways to vanquish your foes could have been a major selling point for the sequel.

So, those are my thoughts, but what about yours? Is there anything in particular that you think should have been incorporated into Kameo 2? If so, feel free to leave a comment below!