EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 02: Nightmare of the Living Veggies

Banjo and Kazooie are confined to their home on this rainy day. Kazooie is playing her Game Boy, as usual, and Banjo is reading the latest issue of Donkey Kong Dream magazine. “Awww… I think I am going to take a nap,” yawned Banjo. Kazooie ignores him and continues to play the Game Boy. Banjo places the magazine atop the the table next to the blue armchair where he was sitting. He crawls into bed, pulling the covers to the top of his furry neck. After a few minutes he falls into deep hibernation.

Banjo dreams that he and Kazooie are going on a picnic. They are on their way to the top of Spiral Mountain when they see Mumbo Jumbo standing in Bottles’ vegetable garden. “Eekum bookum eekum bookum oowadaboo oowadaboo!” chanted the shaman. “Hey, what’s going on here skull face?” squawked Kazooie. “Kazooie!! Be nice!” said Banjo. “Okay. Sorry skirt boy! Hehe!” replied Kazooie laughingly. “Filthy feathered one need feathers clipping! Bird be quiet! Let Mumbo finish spell!” said Mumbo angrily. “Eekum bookum eekum bookum eekum bookum eeku ahh! There, Mumbo’s spell finished. Garden much better!” boasted the shaman.

Suddenly, the veggies begin to twitch. Hundreds of Toppers and Colliwobbles begin to emerge from the moist soil. “Uh-oh! Mumbo’s spell backfired! Bear and bird must run! Mumbo return to Mountain!” cried the nervous shaman as he hastily sped off toward home. “Gulp! This doesn’t look good!” cried the shaky honey bear. “Don’t worry Banjo! I’ll get us out of here!” said Kazooie.

“BREEEEEE!!!!” Kazooie shouts as she bursts from the backpack and takes off toward home carrying Banjo on her back. They are both soon home and Humba Wumba is waiting by their doorway. “How did you get here, Indian girl?” asked Kazooie curiously. “This is dream. Anything possible. Bear and bird must quickly jump in Humba’s pool. Veggies are coming!” said Humba. Humba hurriedly said a few magic words and a pool of pink water appeared. Banjo dove in and Kazooie was transformed into the fire-breathing Dragon Kazooie. When the veggies neared, Kazooie began burning them to the ground. “BRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” After half of them had been destroyed, the veggies began to chant, “Bear and bird must die! Bear and bird must die!” Suddenly, the remainder of the Colliwobbles and Toppers began to combine into one to form the massive Collitopper. “Gulp! I think this is the end!” cried Banjo.

“Uh-oh! WHOOOAAAAAA!” yelled Banjo as he fell out of bed. Kazooie paused the Game Boy and gazed down at the floor ridden bear. “He he he! What’s the matter Banjo? Have a nightmare?” she gawked. “What do you say we have some carrots and honey for dinner?” Banjo looked up at Kazooie and shook his head, “Awww…”.