EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 06- Roysten’s Big Adventure

“Ohhh…what did you p-put in my tank, Banjo? I’m…not…feeling… well…” says Roysten as he floats to the top of the waters. Banjo and Kazooie both rush toward the fish bowl to aid their helpless friend.

“Uhh… Banjo. Did you take fishlips out of his tank today when you cleaned it?” says Kazooie as she pokes Roysten’s limp body.

“Gulp…” says Banjo realizing his error. “I’ve killed poor Roysten!”

“Hee hee hee! Now who’s the troublemaker furface!”

“Kazooie! This isn’t time to be making jokes!”

“Sorry Banjo…” Kazooie says apologetically, “so what are we going to do with him?”

“Gulp! I don’t yet Kazooie. We can’t leave him here..”

“I’ve got an idea!” screeches Kazooie. She then grabs Roysten in one of her wings and bolts out the front door.

“Hey Kazooie! Where are you going?” yells Banjo as he chastens Kazooie out the door.

Kazooie dashes rather quickly up the hill and stops before the water-filled moat surrounding Spiral Mountain. She stands there staring at her reflection in the waters while impatiently awaiting Banjo’s arrival. Banjo soon arrives and Kazooie then holds Roysten above the flowing waters and drops him within.

“Kazooie!” shouts Banjo, as he watches Roysten float around among the water. “What did you do that for?”

“What else were we supposed to do with the little varmint Banjo?” questions Kazooie. “I thought it best for him to be returned to the waters rather than buried in the filthy dirt somewhere, furface!”

“Awww… I suppose you’re right Kazooie,” replies Banjo.

The bear and bird stand there for a few more moments reflecting upon their past times with their golden friend. They remembered how they had first met Roysten. Kazooie had gone searching for some worms in the woods and found him in a recently dried up creek. She had quickly snatched him up and hastened him back home to where she could hope to keep him alive. When she arrived, she hurriedly informed Banjo of the situation and the gullible bear quickly searched his closet for something to keep the fish in. In searching, he found an old fish bowl that he had been collecting since he was just little cub. He filled the bowl up with water, set it upon a dresser, and told Kazooie to put the fish inside. After realizing that he would be okay, they named him Roysten and there he had been kept in that very same bowl until this very day. With the exception of a few occasions when Roysten was nearly barbequed and ended up underneath a massive boulder from which the duo rescued him from. Then afterwards, Roysten was forced to remain in the waters of Spiral Mountain until Gruntilda the Witch was defeated and Banjo’s house restored to its former state.

After awhile, Banjo places a hand on his bree-gull friend’s shoulder. “Come on Kazooie… let’s go home,” sighs the saddened bear as he and Kazooie return to their bright blue home.

Mumbo Jumbo was walking about Spiral Mountain touting his magic on this sunny day. Already he had transformed a Colliwobble into a Topper, turned a stone into a frog, and, for a little laugh, covered up all of Bottles’ dirt mounds. Now the shaman was looking for something else to try his magic on. Then, when walking near Spiral Mountain’s waters, he sees Roysten floating among the waters lifelessly.

“Mumbo bring fish back to life,” says the shaman as he touches the golden fish with his staff. “Eekum Bookum!” Suddenly, after speaking the magic words, Roysten began to stir. “Magic done here, heh heh. Mumbo magic much good!” brags Mumbo has he leaves Roysten and continues his journey of using his magic.

“Ohhh… where am I?” moans Roysten as he awakes from his slumber. “Banjo? Kazooie? Where are you guys?” he questions. After a few more moments, he suddenly came to the realization that he isn’t any longer in his bowl, but rather back into the wild waters of the world.

“Oh gracious me! Now I’m really in a predicament now! But how did I…” then he remembers. Banjo had forgotten to remove him from his tank to a safe location during cleaning time. And as a result, he had been killed! “But how was I brought back to life?” he questions. Then he thinks that isn’t really important for now. He’s just thankful to be alive!

“Well, there’s no need in me sticking around here. I’ve got to find a way back home!” Roysten proclaims. Then he begins searching for an exit from the fixed waters. He swims about for several hours before finding just what he was looking for. He finds a small hole just big enough for him to fit his scrony body within and escape his entrapment of the moat. So he swims through the hole and finds himself in a well lit passageway.

“Splendid! Just what I was looking for!” says Roysten as he slowly makes his way through the tunnel. He swims along swatting at the underwater moss enjoying its feel against his fins. The tunnel floor was embedded in with thick, bright red reeves that was electrified any who touched them. Roysten swats another tangle of moss and then does likewise to the red reeves, only getting a much difficult result. Electricity suddenly bolted through his body and sent him swimming furiously through the tunnel wreathing in pain until he reaches the passageway’s end. There was nothing but darkness, save a stream of light protruding forth from the ceiling wall, in the room that followed. Roysten carefully enters, and the tunnel he just exit was quickly covered with steel doors.

“That can’t be good. Oh well, at least I know my way out of this dreadful place now,” he says as he swims toward the open passage in the ceiling. Then suddenly, the room becomes flooded with bright light, stopping Roysten in his tracks. “Well now, that’s a big difference. Where is that light coming from anyway?”

“This light is coming from over here!” came a deep, watery voice from behind him. Roysten turns around and faces a humongous sea monster. It had a massively sharp teeth, two humongous fins, large bulging eyes, a light hanging from one single tentacle at the center of it’s forehead, and bandaged up boils all over its body.

“Who are you to dare enter the lair of the mighty Lord Woo Fak Fak!” proclaims Lord Woo, gazing menacingly at Roysten.

“Lord Woo Fak Fak? Lord Woo Fak Fak… Lord Woo Fak Fak… now why does that name sound familiar…” thinks Roysten. “Ahhh yes! Now I remember! You were brutally beaten by Banjo and Kazooie a few years ago. Gee, they really did some damage to you, eh? Just look at all of those popped boils! Ha ha!”


“Grouchy old fish are we?”

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a decent meal? Too long, “ says Lord Woo as he looks at Roysten hungrily and licks his water soaked lips. “You know what would taste really really good right now? YOU!”

“Ohhhh look at the time…” announces Roysten as he takes off hurriedly toward the gap in the ceiling. He makes it halfway there and then suddenly feels himself being drawn backwards. Lord Woo was sucking him into his massively, wide-opened mouth.

“Ooooo Banjo! If I make it out of this alive I swear I’m going to kick your hairy ahhhhhhhh….” screams Roysten as he is engulfed.

“Mmmm… yummy!” shouts Lord Woo as he licks his lips.

Roysten opens his eyes to find himself stuck to the roof and near the tonsil of Fak Fak’s mouth. “Oh splendid! Looks like I’ve had a bit of luck afterall. Now time to get myself out of this blasted mess!” Roysten lifts his fin and slaps the tonsil over and over again with all of his might.

“Arrrgh! Stop doing that you stupid little runt! You’re going to make… me…” Lord Woo never finished. His mouth suddenly opens and he let’s loose a terribly large sneeze that sends Roysten soaring through air.

“Egad! Ahhhhh!” the golden fish screams as he luckily goes right through the gap in the ceiling and into the outside air. Lord Woo, due to the power of the sneeze, is flipped upside down just as Banjo and Kazooie left him years ago.


Banjo and Kazooie were both sitting on the edge of Banjo’s bed staring aimlessly at the empty fish bowl.

“What ya think Banjo? Get another fish? Roysten was boring anyways,” says Kazooie.

“Kazooie!!” shouts Banjo.

“Sorry Banjo,” says the bree-gull apologetically.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” comes a scream from the air outside and then a small golden figure comes flying down the chimney, bounces off the floor onto Banjo’s springy recliner, and then is ejected straight into the fish bowl.

“Roysten!” screams Banjo excitedly!

“Hee hee! Looks like fishlips wasn’t so dead afterall furface!” proclaims Kazooie.

Roysten stares at them absent mindedly with a menacing scowl on his face. He looks at Kazooie and then at Banjo and just shakes his head. “You two are the most irresponsibl…”starts Roysten.

“Hee hee! What ya think Banjo? He just needs some sleep doesn’t he?” interrupts Kazooie, snickering while she says it.

“Guh-huh! I believe you’re right Kazooie,” says Banjo as he and Kazooie head toward the front door.

“Baaanjo! Kazooieee! I’m not through with you two yet! Get back here right now!” he screams as the front door is slammed shut.

“Ohhh… oh well. At least back home and away from dreadful Fak Fak,” claims Roysten and closes his eyes in sleep.