EXCLUSIVE: Banjo-Kazooie: The Series Episode 13- Nightmare of the Living Veggies II

“Bear and bird come quick. Mumbo’s spell go bad!” said Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman, his body quivering nervously.

“What have you done now, boney? Shrink goggle boy? Blind him maybe? I would hardly count either of those as bad,” gawked Kazooie insensitively.

“Kazooie!! This is hardly the time to be making jokes. Mumbo’s in trouble!” said Banjo, eager to hurry and solve whatever the danger may be.

“Not just Mumbo in trouble. All of Spiral Mountain!” replied the witch doctor and ran back out the front door screaming for Banjo and Kazooie to follow him.

“Gulp! This must really be bad, Kazooie!”

“Then what are we doing just standing here, doofus? Let’s go!” Kazooie then fluttered up from the hardwood floor and into her familiar place in the little blue backpack that still hung from its usual place: the pack rack. Banjo grabbed the pack and slung it across his back immediately after Kazooie’s feathery rump was well rested inside. Then the two were outside hot on Mumbo’s trail.

Mumbo led the duo to a familiar area not too far from their home: the Quarry Zone. The bear and bird noted the danger right when they arrived. A whole array of Collywobbles and Toppers were wreaking havoc on the poor helpless Quarry.

“Squaww! What did you do, skully? asked Kazooie curiously.

“Mumbo find new hobby. Gardening. Try and make nice veggies for garden but spell go bad. Veggies come to life!” Mumbo explained, wishing he had never cast his new Veggie Spell.

“It’s okay Mumbo. Nothing that can’t be fixed,” Banjo responded, always ready to help a friend in need. Mumbo nodded his thanks, lifted his staff, and began zapping down Collywobbles and Toppers left and right.

Banjo and Kazooie entered the fray then as well with Banjo Claw Swiping and Kazooie letting fly several fire eggs at a time. All seemed to be going well as the veggies were hardly a threat. But then something unexpected happened. All of the Collywobbles and Toppers line up in a formation and beging to chant, “Bear and bird must die! Bear and bird must die!” And then, to the surprise of the duo and shaman, they all combine into one and become the massive CollyTopper!

“Gulp! Why does this seem so familiar?” asked Banjo rhetorically and rolled to the side before the CollyTopper’s enourmous vegious body could crush he and Kazooie into oblivion.

“Beeear die! Biiird die!” the CollyTopper chanted as it repeatedly continued to attempt to squash the duo. Unfortunately for the giant veggie, it had forgotten all about another of its foes: Mumbo!

The shaman was waving his magical staff wildly in the air and slightly dancing about as he prepared a spell. A few moments later, an incredible burst of energy spurted from the staff into the CollyTopper, freezing it in place.

“Now’s bear and bird’s chance!” said Mumbo who was trying as hard as he could to hold the spell. The duo wasted no time in disposing fo the monstrous veggie. Banjo bent over low allowing Kazooie to fire six consecutive Fire Eggs that soon had the CollyTopper turned into one giant fried veggie.

“Mumbo grateful for bear and bird help,” thanked the shaman.

“We only helped because we felt obligated, numbskull” replied Kazooie seeming unconcerned as always.

“Kazooie!!” Banjo retorted, though not surprised at all by his breegull parner’s smart remark. Mumbo shook his head helplessly and returned back to his home in Mumbo’s Mountain. The duo did likewise and began their trek back to their little blue house.

“Hey Banjo! What do you say we get us a couple of plates and come back and eat that thing! CollyTopper with Honey Snackers and Seed Crunchies sure sounds pretty tasty to me! Hehe!”

“Awww… Kazooie…”