EXCLUSIVE: Four Things That I Would Like to See in Diddy Kong Racing 2

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Among the more popular, Rare-related rumors as of late has been the prospect of a successor to 1997’s Diddy Kong Racing being released near the tail end of this year. Although said rumor should be taken with a grain of salt, I cannot help but imagine the possibilities.

With that being said, on the off chance that this game is in development, here are the four elements that I would love to see incorporated into its design:

1. Home is Behind You. The World is Ahead.

Although other racing titles have used some form of overworld since the release of the Nintendo 64 classic (I’m looking at you, Crash Team Racing!), the hub world was one of the defining features of Diddy Kong Racing. Rather than rely solely on a generic set of menus, the game provided a genuine sense of adventure with its relatively compact, yet diversely-themed hub.

Again, while other games have adopted this feature, in recent years, it hasn’t been seen much. If a Diddy Kong Racing sequel is to come to fruition, it needs some kind of overworld.

2. Watch Out!

Given the various vehicles that could be used to race across most of the tracks, Diddy Kong Racing featured a surprisingly low number of environmental hazards. With the sequel, I would love to see each race work as a standalone set-piece. I’m talking toxic waste spills, volcano eruptions, crumbling spires, the works!

This feature would not have to be totally, 100% scripted, either. The hazards of a particular track could be randomized with each, subsequent race. Additionally, this would add to the aforementioned sense of adventure that the original game was known for.

3. Bubbles? That’s it?

The bosses of each of the game’s five domains, while fun, were not particularly challenging. Actually, if I am to be honest, they didn’t even come across as bosses per se, due in part by the fact that they weren’t all that aggressive. With Diddy Kong Racing 2, I would like to see each region’s big baddy use a wider range of projectiles.

4. Hey, Man! It’s Been Awhile!

Some continuity never hurt anyone, right? Although I have very little reason to believe that the developers would use a brand new set of racers, the return of Taj, Wizpig, T.T, and the rest of the gang would be more than welcome. Certainly, Diddy Kong Racing 2 should push the series forward by adding many new additions to the roster, but I also believe that it is essential that Nintendo includes the original cast, too. Of the characters that the big N still has the rights to, mind you.

What about you, though? Does the prospect of a new Diddy Kong Racing title sound appealing to you? If so, what would you like to see from the game? Let us know by sounding off in the comments!