EXCLUSIVE: Fulgore Friday- Let’s Watch Some Ultra Combos

It’s one of the greatest achievements of any Killer Instinct player. The ultimate display of sheer skill that simultaneously evokes bragging rights to those who accomplish it and jealousy to those who cannot. If you guessed the Ultra Combo, then you are, indeed, correct. It’s widely considered one of the greatest highlights in the fighting genre and was the pinnacle of its time. The showmanship of both the player and the in-game fighter coupled with the resonating and echoing sound of ‘Ultra’ has bestowed many unforgettable moments to any and all who has witnessed the amazing feat.

In this segment of Fulgore Friday, I did some searching and found this video on YouTube. This video includes the Ultra Combos for every character in the original Killer Instinct. Watch it and embrace awesomeness that Rare gave to the world with some of the greatest finishing moves in video game history.