EXCLUSIVE: Fulgore Friday- The Killer Instinct Arcade Experience


In the 1980s and early-to-late 1990s, the arcades were a widely successful and popular among the gaming communities. There was a large variety of different games from different genres, but the most the popular among them was the fighters. Game’s such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and of course, Killer Instinct. Rare managed to successfully develop Killer Instinct in a manner that would allow it to be uniquely different from the other fighters that it would be competing against. They did this by introducing the game’s combo system and by developing the title with a hard-drive capable arcade machine in mind. The benefits of Killer Instinct being developed onto an arcade cabinet with its own harddrive installed was being able to achieve both graphics and sounds that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The game was a marvel to look at and the sound of every punch, kick, and COMBO BREAKER excited all of the contenders who were there to participate.

The arcade version was successful enough to warrant a port to the SNES in 1995, which itself was very successful but couldn’t compare to the definitive arcade experience. A second arcade Killer Instinct was released in 1996 which also recieved a Nintendo 64 port called Killer Instinct Gold. The reason the arcade versions were far more superior to their console counter-parts was due to the reduction in quality for the graphics and sounds. Both are excellent games, but they truly do dull in comparison to the what the original arcade versions offer to the players.

Did you ever get to experience Killer Instinct in the arcades during its prime or ever have the opportunity to play it at all?