EXCLUSIVE: Fulgore Friday- Who is Fulgore?

Fulgore is an evil cyborg created by Ultra Tech, the company responsible for the Killer Instinct tournament. As a cyborg, Fulgore typically has a robotic set of moves at his disposal such as the Cyber Dash, Eye Laser, and Plasma Storm. His No Mercy finishers enables him to transform into a battle machine with the Machine Morph and laser blast his opponents with the Laser Site. He’s a bit of a slower character than the other Killer Instinct fighers, but his moveset can be quite deadly when used appropriately, thus making him an extreme force to be reckoned with.

He is bound and determined to win the Killer Instinct tournament and take over the world for both himself and his creators. When he wins, the results of his victory varies between both Killer Instinct 1 and 2/Gold based upon what conditions were met. Those conditions generally refer to how he did or did not dispose of his two arch enemies: Jago and Orchid. Defeating them and winning the tournament allows him to take over Earth; losing to them and ultimately losing the tournament leads to both his destruction and the downfall of Ultratech.