EXCLUSIVE: Imagine This!- Kinect Sports: Medieval Edition

Kinect Sports is Rare’s newest and biggest selling franchise since their acquisition by Microsoft ten years ago. There has been three titles released since then including Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports: Season Two and a package of both titles and their DLC with the Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection. Altogether they’ve went on to sell over six million units worldwide. That’s… a lot! With that many units sold, there is bound to be a new entry and it’s had me thinking on just what they could next. So what I’ve imagined is a Medieval Edition of Kinect Sports that would focus primarily on sports that were played or could have been played during the medieval times. Here are a few of those sports…

1. Archery
Before there was guns and bullets, there were bows and arrows and they were used prominently during great battles to dessimate the enemy from great distances and also for hunting wild animals. There was most likely archery contests as well that would test those skilled with the bow to see just how accurate they were at hitting a specific target. Archery would make for an excellent game in Kinect Sports: Medieval Edition and would allow the player to mimic the positioning required to properly fire a real life bow using Kinect’s sophisticated technology. Much like ‘Darts’ in Kinect Sports, your goal would basically be to hit the targets as accurately as possible in an attempt to achieve a higher score than your opponents.

2. Swordplay
Swords were the penultimate way to do battle during the medieval times. If you didn’t know how to use a blade, it was probably best that you stayed off of the battlefield or else you would surely die. Rome, at the peak of its empire, even had an arena where ‘Gladiators’ would put their skills with a sword to the test in what was usually fight-to-the-death rounds of severe brutality. A gladiator-type game is what I imagine would fit very well in Kinect Sports: Medieval Edition, sans the blood and death though, of course. Basically, you’d be wielding an imaginary blade and shield and going one-on-one against another opponent. Your goal is score hits on your oppenent by getting through their defenses and landing a strike on any portion of their body. Be the first to strike your oppenent a select amount of times, and you win the match.

3. Ball and Chain
‘Darts vs. Zombies’? How about ‘Ball and Chain vs. Zombies’?! If you’re unfamiliar as to what a ball and chain is, it was basically a ball with spikes on the end of it that was attached to a chain. They were typically heavy weapons and were generally wielded by warriors who had the strenght to use it. If you’ve ever seen the Lord of the Rings, it’s what the Witch King used on Eowyn in the Return of the King before she stabbed him to death on the battlefield (here’s a video for reference). Now imagine using that in Kinect Sports: Medieval Edition to stop a never ending onslaught of Avatar hungry Zombies!

That’s just a few of the types of “sports” I would like to see in a Medieval Edition of Kinect Sports. I think it would be a sound investment myself and would love for Rare to develop something of this nature. What kind of medieval style sports would you all like to see? Share your opinions and thoughts below in the comments!