EXCLUSIVE: Is Battletoads Being Revived?

Battletoads is one of several Rare franchises that fans have been asking for years. Back in its heyday, it was a very popular and very successful series that saw numerous releases on different consoles. The NES, SNES, Arcade, Game Boy and Amiga. There was even a few cross over games with Double Dragon that appeared on the SNES, Game Boy and even the Sega Genesis. And then it all just abruptly stopped, with no other games in the franchise having been developed and released in nearly twenty five years. There was a new title in the works for Game Boy Advance, but it was canceled for unspecified reasons. But now, it appears Battletoads may be on its way back.

The initial evidence lies with Rare. If you follow Rare’s official Twitter, then you know all about Battletoads Tuesday. Every Tuesday, Rare posts or retweets something that is related to Battletoads. This is significant as it may be Rare’s way of keeping Battletoads in peoples’ minds. You know, a kind of psychological thing. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve did something like this. Just weeks prior to Kinect Sports Rivals’ announcement at E3 this year, Rare was making blog posts about their top sports games; that was no coincidence. Who’s to say that they’re not doing the same with Battletoads?

And then there’s Phil Spencer. If you don’t know who he is by now, he’s the head of Microsoft Game Studios and he mentions Battletoads quite often. He brought up the series more than once in interviews and several times on Twitter. It’s a pretty big deal and not to be taken lightly because he’s the guy that could actually make it happen.

Before anyone states the usual “there’s no one at Rare anymore yada yada yada”, let me go ahead and say that yes, there is. Gregg Mayles, the less designer of Battletoads, is still at Rare. His brother, Steve, is still employed there and also worked on Battletoads. There are a couple of others as well. So assuming the game is in development as I suspect it to be and it’s actually developed in-house, then rest assured that it’s in good hands.

Let’s assume for a moment that my speculations are correct and right now, it’s being worked on. What kind of game could we expect? Personally, I envision it as a 2.5D sidescrolling beat-em’ up, much like its predecessors (but obviously much prettier and advanced). I also believe it would be a digital only offer and not cost any higher than $15. The franchise has been dormant for a long, long time, so a big mult-million dollar investment is out of the question. That’s not to say this it wouldn’t get the love and treatment it deserves, just don’t expect ginormous game of epic proportions.

With all of that being said, what are your thoughts on all of this? Do you believe that, with the evidence provided, that Battletoads is set to return? If so, what type is game do you hope it to be? Share your opinions in the comments below!