EXCLUSIVE: Licensed Properties of Rare- Movie Edition

Did you know that Rare has licensed and developed games based on specific properties? Movies, television shows, sports, disney characters… you name it and they’ve probably done it! Well today, let’s examine the games developed specifically based on certain movies…

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Based off the popular movie of the same name, you play as Eddie Valliant and must discover just who exactly framed Roger Rabbit. There are caves and buildings that must be explored around Hollywood to search for clues in the framing and eventually Toontown as well. Several characters from the movie make an appearance and of course there is an utterly difficult boss battle with the infamous Judge Doom!

A Nightmare On Elm Street


In A Nightmare on Elm Street, you are tasked with saving the Elm Street itself from the murderous Freddy Kreuger. In this side-scrolling platformer, a sleep meter depletes as you journey through various junkyards, houses, and other buildings in a search for Freddy’s bones. When the sleep meter runs out, the game becomes increasingly more difficult, making your task of putting an end to Kreuger a nightmare like no other!



The ghostly Beetlejuice loves to scare people, in this movie-based game that’s exactly what your goal is! The Deetz family has moved into Beetlejuice’s home and he wants nothing more than to be rid of them for good. You battle your way through house against mythical creatures, stomp on cockroaches to improve your scare tactics, and much more in attempt to scare the Deetz’ permanately from the Beetlejuice residence.

Goldeneye 007


Rare’s Goldeneye 007 revolutionized the first-person shooter genre in 1997 when the game made its debut. It is also the most popular and successful title to date based off of a movie license! You play as James Bond (obviously) through twenty different missions in an attempt to stop the traitor Alec Trevylan from launching the Goldeneye satellite. Dozens of different weapons will be utilized as you fight your way through jungles, cities, atop of a dam, and even drive a tank! Do you have what it takes to save the world, agent?