EXCLUSIVE: Mumbo Monday- The Amaz-O-Gaze Goggles

Did you know that Banjo-Tooie had a secret move that could be acquired? If you didn’t, then don’t feel too ashamed as it can be easily missed. The secret move–or equipment, rather–is none other than the Amaz-O-Gaze Goggles. These special goggles will allow you to zoom in-and-out over long distances when viewing your surroudings from a first-person perspective. This special item can be obtained when speaking to Bottles’ son Goggles when inside of Bottles’ house. They can only be acquired before Bottles has been restored, however, as the mole house will permanately locked preventing access from that point on.

Did any of you ever miss out on the Amaz-O-Gaze Goggles? If you did happen to acquire them, was there ever a situation where you felt you needed them? Let me know in the comments below!