EXCLUSIVE: Mumbo Monday- Was Donkey Kong 64 the Ultimate Collect-a-thon?

Donkey Kong 64 was a massive game. With its gargantuan, sprawling worlds there was what seemed to be an endless amount of areas to explore and secrets upon secrets to discover. While this may seem like a good thing in theory, the general consensus at the time–and even today–was that it was actually too big and asked far too much of the player. In order to proceed throughout the game, players were required to collect a variety of different items and normally in huge quantities. This was a very direct strain upon the player as it was never an option to collect any of the items, they were forced to or else just give up and not complete the game. Here is a list of each item in the game and just how many of them could and, for the most part, had to be collected:

  • Golden Bananas- 201
  • Bananas- 3500
  • One Rareware Coin
  • One Nintendo Coin
  • Banana Fairies- 20
  • Golden Crowns- 10
  • Banana Medals- 35
  • Banana Coins- 949

Do you see that? That’s… a lot of stuff to collect. Now you don’t absolutely have to have all of those items to just finish the game, but if you are looking to get the complete 101% total, then you are required to have everything except the 3500 Bananas and 949 Banana Coins. It’s easy to surmise why Donkey Kong 64 is considered one of the biggets “collecta-a-thon” games to gaming history. From my personaly 23 years of gaming experience, I honestly say that I can’t think of a single game where I’ve had to collect more than what DK 64 had to offer. So the question remains… Is Donkey Kong 64 the ultimate collect-a-thon? I’m inclined to say that it is.