EXCLUSIVE: Mumbo Monday- Would Banjo-Kazooie Be A Good Fit on the Wii U?

Yesterday, Nintendo launched its next generation console and successor to the Wii, the Wii U. I’ve been playing it quite a bit utilizing its unique MiiVerse Community app and playing a lot of Super Mario Bros. U. Now while I know it’s something that will never happen for obvious reasons, I couldn’t help but think of how Banjo-Kazooie could have played with the system.

The ability to play the game on both the TV and on the GamePad would have been such a novelty, not to mention additional features that could have been added using the touch screen or other parts of the game that could have been more simplified. One such part that comes to mind is the Tip-Tup Choir segment. Rather than having to run and Beak Bust each turtle, you could have simply tapped them with the stylus making it much more intuitive and less time consuming to boot. MiiVerse would have been great as well with the option of posting hints on how to get Jiggies and where to find those elusive Jinjos.

Admittedly, I’ve played several hours of Mario just lying in bed away from the television using only the GamePad. It’s an incredible availability to have if you’d like to relax a bit and not be confined to the TV. I would have loved to be able to experience Banjo-Kazooie the same way, but unless Microsoft opts for some similar control mechanism then it’s likely to never happen.

How would you all have felt about Banjo-Kazooie on the Wii U? What features do you think Rare could have really taken advantage of to make the game experience that much better? Let us know by commenting below!