EXCLUSIVE: My Nintendo E3 2012 Overview and Opinions- Pre-E3 Conference First Party 3DS Games

1. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The game was first revealed at last year’s E3 as Luigi’s Mansion 2. Now the name is changed but the game remains the same. It is the sequel to the hit 2001 Gamecube launch title: Luigi’s Mansion. In this game Luigi is back to exterminate ghosts with Professor E. Gadd’s spook sucking vacuum cleaner: Poltergust 5000! Luigi travels to more than one mansion this time to get rid of ghosts and find treasure by exploring every corner of the “haunting” houses! It’s one of the 3DS games that I’m most interested in this year!

The coolest feature to me was being able to explore all over the rooms and the exterior of the mansions. You can shake vases and suits of armor for coins, vacuum coins from under rugs, and discover secret passages! In fact, you can interact with lots of different objects to find hidden treasures! The sound effects and music are also good and creepy but in a partially humorous way. I will be looking forward to playing this game with headphones on more than any 3DS game yet! I’ve also already preordered it and am looking very forward to playing it! Hopefully it will launch close to Halloween when it releases later this year in Fall or Winter!

2. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I originally had very little interest in this when it was revealed at last year’s E3. Though I own all of the Paper Mario games (there’s three total with Super Paper Mario being much different than the first two because it plays more like a 2D platromer), I’ve never beaten any of them due to their long lengths and Nintendo releasing other games that I’d much rather play (like Mario and the Endless Ocean series.). To me the graphics weren’t very impressive and the most bland I’d ever seen in the paper Mario series, as they took the paper look too seriously!

It’s not graphics that’s supposed to matter though but gameplay! The graphics aren’t bad, just not as impressive as I hoped would be on the 3DS. It was the gameplay of being able to explore all over the place and pull stickers off the environment that caught my attention. You can then use the stickers to attack enemies in Turn Based Battles and give them to people to help them out. One sticker was of a Japanese style cat holding some type of ornamental ball and the sticker was said to be very powerful in battle and just looked really cool! A certain puzzle required the use of an electric fan sticker that caused the environment to blow away so you could access a door. I’ve already preordered the game and am looking forward to playing it toward the end of this year!

3. New Super Mario Bros. 2

Last and certainly not least, Nintendo showed off the sequel to the huge DS hit: New Super Mario Bros. It was already revealed a few months ago but was not given a title. All we knew was that the game would be a 2D Mario platformer and that flying Raccoon Mario would be back after not being seen since Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1990! Only this time, there was a brand new mission: collect a MILLION coins!

Yes, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach AGAIN but now players must collect tons of coins that are all over the place! The reason behind collecting so many has not been revealed but hopefully the reward will be “super” sweet! The Triceratops fortress bosses from Super Mario World known as Reznors are finally back along with the return of the Koopalings (Bowser’s seven children that haven’t been seen for a couple years)! Unfortunately the map screen looks almost identical to the one in New Super Mario Bros. which means it looks bland but not completely unforgettable. The levels themselves look like they could be a lot of fun, especially with the new Golden Fire Flower power up that turns everything into coins! I hope that this game will be much better than the first as it’s the third 3DS game I preordered!

(This presentation wasn’t much better than the last as they focused too much time talking about third party games I didn’t care much about! The next and final section will give short descriptions of the third party games and an honorable mention (will also be writing two separate articles on the two that I’ve already preordered)!