EXCLUSIVE: My Nintendo E3 2012 Overview and Opinions- Pre-E3 Conference Third Party Games

1. Rayman Legends

I own Rayman Origins for Wii and have played the demo on the 3DS but not the Wii version. The closest I’ve come to playing the console version is the demo at my local Wal-Mart for the PlayStation 3. I was very interested in the very detailed hand drawn and hand painted style graphics.

The game was like an interactive cartoon and though it sold badly at launch, its developer: Ubisoft, has said that they have profited enough from it to make a sequel. So after the wacky, humorous, highly imaginative, and greatly acclaimed Rayman Origins comes what will probably be a much wackier sequel!

You can play up to five players simultaneously and the fifth controlling Murfy. Murfy is a little green winged fairy type of friend who can be dragged all over the Game Pad’s Touch Screen to attack enemies and open up pathways. Rayman and company seem to be traveling through different time periods throughout history. One pits them against dragons in a forest and a castle while another places them in a metal themed world of bones and the “Livid Dead” from the first game. As the first game looked, the sequel also looks very impressive and another must have for 2D platformer fans!

2. ZombiU

The final game (and the second made by Ubisoft) that I’ll be buying for sure is the one that makes the coolest uses of the Game Pad’s Touch Screen! In this first person survival horror game you play as a survivor of a plague in London, England in 2012. You must stay alive as long as possible while watching out for zombies who will kill you with only one disgusting bite! Your survival kit is your Touch Screen! As you hold up the Game Pad you can scan the TV screen (as in your in-game environment) looking for items, zombies, and to switch to different weapons. But watch out for zombies who will attack you when you’re too busy going through your survival kit!

When you are bitten and die your game isn’t over! You take control of another survivor and must track down the body of the one you had just played as. Only this time that person is a zombie and has all of the supplies that you did have. This means that now as your current survivor, you track down your former self (who is now a zombie) to kill it and get back your items! This should prevent you from having to search all over for replacement items!

The game looks creepy, immersive, and a lot of fun! Last and not least you can also transform your face into a zombie’s with the inward facing camera on the Game Pad! This was very cool giving yourself an old school undead pale look complete with lacerations on your face and creepy eyes! I plan on playing this after I beat New Super Mario Bros. U at the end of this year! Well, I may try it out in between playing Mario, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to enjoy it!

3. Honorable Mention: Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U and 3DS)

The very last game I’ll be describing is one that I may be buying in the future. I doubt I’ll be preordering it but then again I might. I’ve already played the first for many hours and it can be a lot of fun. I own the second but have never played it nor have I ever completed the first. You type in any object on the touch screen and it appears in the game as a simplistic looking, cartoonish method for solving puzzles. There’s hundreds of puzzles where you help Maxwell obtain the Starite (small sparkling light yellow stars) for each puzzle. You use the objects you type in and you can control all of it on the touch screen. The first game which featured over 10 thousand words, sold over a million copies and was enjoyed by most critics. Unfortunately the inability to control the main character Maxwell with the control pad made many people frustrated!

Fortunately, a year or so later, Super Scribblenauts was released where the user could control Maxwell with the control pad and have more choices than before! Thousands of more objects and adjectives to make the items whatever color or design you wanted (within reason) made the game much more enjoyable! Now for the first time on the Wii U and 3DS and with more memory you can do so much more! You also receive an in-game origins story for Maxwell and his famous magic notebook that he uses to write down all the words! Check out more information online or wait and see if I decide to do an article on the game in the future!

After Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference and their Software Presentation the next evening, many fans, video game journalists, and reporters were left very disappointed. They thought that the main problem was the Press Conference where they didn’t announce or talk about any other major Nintendo franchises such as The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, or anything new. It was mainly about the games we already knew about. They were also disgusted that the last game they showed and then showed too much of was Nintendo Land.

The main complaint about the Software Presentation was no footage or news on Animal Crossing for 3DS along with the lack of news of any new first party titles. Again, they thought that too much time was spent showing Nintendo Land again and I agreed with them. I also agreed that Nintendo needed to show more first party content for both the Wii U and 3DS. But with that being said, I believe the Wii U and 3DS will do very well this year mainly due to the strong first party lineups that are coming toward the end of the year! So even though I was disappointed with both presentations, I still have plenty of faith in Nintendo and support them over all other video game companies!

Thanks for reading my first article FanDa Bears and check out my next article all about New Super Mario Bros. U! See ya next time in that awesome, magical, nostalgia soaked place known as Super TNNtendo World!!!

As a special treat I’ll leave you with the following quote from Reggie after he took the stage following Mr. Miyaymoto’s Pikmin presentation: “I feel like a Purple Pikmin!” And when Reggie zombified himself with the picture taking on ZombiU in front of French developer Ubisoft: “I like french food!”