EXCLUSIVE: So Did I Get Microsoft’s Conference Right?

Yesterday, I posted how I believed Microsoft’s Press Conference would go down. Well, the conference has come and gone now so what all did I get wrong, what did I get right and what did I miss? Let’s have a look…


  • A demo of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. There is a CoD demo every year, so this year will be no exception.
  • A demo of Halo 4. Come on… it’s Halo.How can we not expect this?
  • A live performance from…someone. I haven’t the slightest idea who, but apparantly it’s happening. Who asked for this? Note: It was Usher!
  • A new Resident Evil 6 Trailer. Note: It was actually an entire demo!
  • First trailer for Dead Space 3.
  • Gears of War: Judgement officially unveiled with a lot of gameplay footage. Note: It was shown, but was just a trailer.
  • More footage for Fable: The Journey.
  • Matt Stone and Trey Park will take the stage to show off South Park: The Game. Maybe this is the performance??
  • Microsoft will officially announce ‘Smart Glass’ and apps that will coincide with it.
  • Kinect Fitness will be unveiled.
  • Kinect enabled Internet Explorer comes to the Xbox 360 later this year.


  • Alan Wake 2 will be announced with a trailer.
  • Kinect Sports 3: Summer Edition will be announced but won’t be a key focus. Sorry Rare… :(
  • We’ll get a collage of upcoming XBLA games. Jet Force Gemini or Killer Instinct will be a part of it (wishful thinking!!)
  • A trailer for the new Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Downloadable Content will be shown.
  • First footage of Capcom’s Lost Planet 3 will be shown.
  • Expect to see footage of Agent 47, the Hitman game from Square-Enix.
  • Potentially a small price drop on the Xbox 360 to take effect later this year.

And there we go. Eleven right, seven wrong. Not too bad I suppose. South Park: The Stick of Truth segment with Matt and Trey was by far my most favorite part of the show. It was hilariously entertaining and fun to experience. Could you really expect anything less from the two of them? Aside from that, the show was alright. Being there to watch Usher perform live I imagine was much more entertaining than watching it from home. Those two things aside… there wasn’t really much else to it. With the next Xbox bound to be shown next year, I’m certain that we’ll get a much better conference than this one and the last couple of years. Who knows? Maybe even Elijah Wood will be there to present it! Continuity, you see…