EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- Bothered By Beavers

In a somewhat similar manner to its Donkey Kong Country predecessors, Donkey Kong 64 had its own array of hidden areas that acted as the game’s Bonus Levels’. These Bonus Levels were mini-games designed to challenge the player in different ways. One of them was called ‘Beaver Bother’ and it was indeed bothersome to complete as its name so aptly implies.

In Beaver Bother, you take control of Klap Trap and your mission is to navigate a room full of Gnawty beavers into a hole in the center of the room within a set amount of time. In theory, it sounds like a simple enough task, but it actually isn’t. Those Gnawty are determined to survive and more-often-than not direct themselves in the opposite direction of where you want them to go. Managing to somehow succeed will reward you with a precious Golden Banana.

Posted below is a video of Beaver Bother in action. The player does win, of course, but you can clearly see the struggles in doing so. Enjoy!