EXCLUSIVE: Swanky Saturday- Expresso Racing


Expresso Racing is a mini-game found exclusively in the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Racing 2. It features Expresso the Ostrich as he races against other ostriches with a goal of placing in first and earning a trophy. Expresso is relatively slow, however, requiring Diddy and Dixie to find hidden Golden Feathers in the game–at Cranky’s request–to give more strength and speed to Expresso for the races. Earning a trophy in every world will allow you to trade the trophies to Cranky Kong in exchange for a DK Coin and a picture of Expresso in Wrinkly’s Scrapbook.

The races themselves start off relatively easy and become more difficult as your progress through the game. They’re fun and challenging and absolutely necessary to complete if you plan on finishing the game to 102% completion. So saddle Expresso up and show those other ostriches what-for!