EXCLUSIVE: Syrupent Sunday- What is a Syrupent?

A Syrupent is a snake Piñata in the Viva Piñata series whose name originates from syrup. Attracting a Syrupent to your Garden and making it a resident is fairly simple but does, like all Piñata species, require a specific set of demands. Here is what you need to do to obtain your very own Syrupent:

Appear requirements

  • You have 10 square pinometers of grass

Visit requirements

  • You have 10 square pinometers of grass

Resident requirements

  • You have 20 square pinometers of grass
  • Has eaten a Mousemallow

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 Lickatoad
  • You have 30 square pinometers of grass
  • There is a Syrupent house in the garden

Syrupents also have three variants of colors as well, if the traditional green isn’t for you. Feeding it a bottle of medicine, for example, will change its color to pink. To discover the other two, you’re just going to have to experiment!

The Syrupent also has one other very special trait that allows it to become to entirely different species altogether! One of these is the two headed Syrpent called a Twingersnap. To get a Twingersnap, you simply romance two Syrpents and the egg has been delivered to the Garde, watch it carefully and when the egg makes its largest hop, whack it with the shovel. Then Voila! A Twingersnap is born! The other is actually a four-headed Syrupent called a Fourheads. To obtain the Fourheads, you do the almost the exact same thing, only this time with the Twingersnap egg.