EXCLUSIVE: The Geniuses Behind Parashoot Stan

Parashoot Stan is one really awesome game. For just a dollar, you’re getting something that is much more than just a piece of shovelware that the majority of the App Store is made up; you’re getting a real game that is worth way more than the asking price for the experience contained within. It’s awesome. But hey, the game didn’t make itself, so just who are the geniuses behind this masterful work of software?

Gory Detail Limited is the studio and Chris Seavor–formerly of Rare and best known for as the lead designer of Conker’s Bad Fur Day–is its head honcho. He’s the primary creator and designer of Parashoot Stan but he didn’t do it alone. Here the other individuals who helped with the game, many of which were former Rare employees themselves.

  • Ben Beanland
  • Jasper Beanland
  • Zak Beanland
  • Mark Betteridge. Formerly of Rare. Previous Studio Head, Long Time Veteran.
  • Nicky Bingham
  • Verity Bingham
  • Mike Dewis
  • Mayli Dewis
  • Simon Farmer. Formerly of Rare. Production Designer.
  • Ashley Henstock
  • Martin Hollis. Formerly of Rare. Lead Designer of Goldeneye 007.
  • Grant Kirkhope. Formerly of Rare. Composer of Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Viva Pinata, etc.
  • Alexandra Kirz
  • Birgit Kurz
  • Nicholas Kurz
  • Chris Marlow. Formerly of Rare, Voice of the Great Mighty Poo, Programmer.
  • Elliot Marlow
  • Evie Marlow
  • Tom Marlow
  • Gra ‘Nozzer’ Norgate (aka Graeme Norgate). Formerly of Rare, Composer of Goldeneye 007.
  • Shawn
  • Florence Powers
  • Ruby Seavor
  • Snaggle Seavor
  • James Stant. Formerly of Rare. Audio Intern.
  • The Man Who Made The Pies

The above list is deprived from the game’s credits, which are unlocked once you reach Rank 8 and purchase the Gory Detail Parachute.

From me personally, a special thanks to each and every one of them for delivering such an amazing game. At this time I’ve currently put in 16 1/2 hours of gameplay and plan to put in many, many more. I’ve enjoyed it all and look forward to the next game from them in the future!