EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Did We Really Need Andross in Starfox Adventures?

From the offset of Rare’s Starfox Adventures, we were introduced to who was allegedly the primary antagonist of the game. He was General Scales, a primal raptor that served as the leader of the Sharpclaws. He takes captive Krystal and sets a chain of events into motion that eventually leads to Fox finding himself on the Dinosaur Planet of Sora to rescue Krystal and put an end to General Scales’ tyranny.

A point is eventually reached when Fox confronts General Scales, but rather than an epic final battle with the bad ass Sharpclaw leader, it abruptly ends before it ever really begins. Fox ends up within his traditional Arwing in a final showdown with the true villain of the story, who is identified as none other than Andross himself. Errmmm… What?

Andross is the traditional final villain of the Starfox franchise, but his placement in Starfox Adventures just doesn’t make any sense. It honestly felt like he was simply thrown in at the end in an attempt to make the game feel more like a Starfox title. There is no indication throughout the entire adventure that he was involved in any way whatsoever and to suddenly face him at the end? I understand it was more-or-less supposed to be a “wow, what a twist!” moment but I don’t think it came off that way at all. It was completely misplaced and did nothing to drive the story to the proper conclusion it deserved.

The money and development time spent to pointlessly add in Andross just for the sake of adding him in could have been utilized more properly. We could have had an epic and final battle with General Scales, but instead we got the usual Andross who actually maimed not only the end, but the entire game at its conclusion. General Scales was introduced as the primary antagonist and Starfox Adventures should have ended that way too.