EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Getting Gnawty!

No you scandalous pervert, not that kind of naughty, but this kind of naughty.

Yeah, that guy right there. That is Gnawty. A devious little beaver with a hatred for monkeys and chimps that attempts to rid the world of them with total disregard for its own safety. Gnawty just simply doesn’t care. The little beavers just simply trudge forward hoping that a Kong will incidentally fail at a misplaced jump or roll and take all of the credit for itself for preventing the Kong’s from regaining that precious stolen banana hoard. They’re so eager in their goal that Gnawty is literally the very first enemy that Donkey Kong ever encounters in his first adventure. They’re the easiest enemies for the Kong’s to ever kill yet throughout the entire quest of Donkey Kong Country they continuously reappear with endless persistence. Sometimes alone, sometimes in packs. There are also a couple of Gnawty’s that are actually quite aggressive.

Aside from the standard form of Gnawty, there are two rather big ones that go by the names of Really Gnawty and Very Gnawty in Donkey Kong Country. These two oversized beavers actually serve as the ‘bosses’ of their respective worlds and do more than just march forward to their inevitable death. They are capable of jumping rather high and far and will continue to do so until either the Kongs are defeated or they meet their personal demise with a few well-placed jumps atop their heads. Not to difficult to dispose of then, right?

Gnawty was noticably absent in both Donkey Kong Country sequels and didn’t reappear again until Banjo-Kazooie where a relatively nice Gnawty lived in Click Clock Wood. You didn’t have to fight him, but he was still a pain in the ass that needed assistance getting into his home. Then when you need to actually get into his home, you had to brave the icy waters of the Winter season and hope to not run out of oxygen on the way. All of this to get a Jiggy and a Hollow Honeycomb. What happened to simply bouncing them on the head?

Gnawty did reappear one last time in Donkey Kong 64 and served as more of mini-game feature than a prominent enemy. There was the occassional ‘whack-a-mole’-esque mini-game, the dreadful Beaver Bother and a rather fun high score game involving Rambi and the disposal of as many Gnawty’s as possible (this one is the best).

What more is there to say? Gnawyty is, simply put, the easiest baddie to dispose of in the Donkey Kong Country series and yet is still capable of being victorious, usually from some fatal mistake. There are bosses and beaver bopping mini-games and sometimes packs of them marching together. As someone who controls a Kong from time-to-time, be on your guard and time your jumps and rolls carefully, or you may be the victim of a Gnawty crime.