EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Krusha the Krusher


He’s big. He’s muscled. He’s a brute. Of all the general Kremlings to be encountered throughout the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land trilogies, Krusha is one of the baddest Kremlings around. He’s chopped up and well-built and is a complete bully to all monkeys and chimps that dare to challenge him. Without the aid of a barrel, for instance, Diddy can do nothing against Krusha’s might but hope to avoid him at all costs. Any attempts to pounce on him or cartwheel him into submission will result in Diddy being knocked backwards and then defeated himself should he not recover quickly enough. The same cannot be said about Donkey, however.

Donkey Kong himself is a gorilla of a respectable size and is quite capable of holding his own against the brutality of Krusha. Rolling into him will result in the same knock-back effect as Diddy, but a well placed jump atop the reptilian’s head will send him spiraling into oblivion. There is one Krusha in the final world of Donkey Kong Country though who is complete invincible to even DK! He must be avoided at all costs!

So remember, when Krusha comes stomping onto the scene, you’d best have Donkey Kong in your team or a well armed Diddy lest your adventure come to a swift and sudden end.

BONUS: Krusha was an unlockable playable character in Donkey Kong 64’s multiplayer!