EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- So What Happened with General Scales?

StarFox Adventures… Remember that game? Sure you do. Perhaps you didn’t actually play it, but you know it to be Rare’s last developed title for a Nintendo console and it had what could have been one of the most bad ass villains in Rare’s history: General Scales.

General Scales was the leader of the Fox’s primary rivals in StarFox Adventures, the SharpClaws, and had declared war on the dinosaur planet of Sauria hoping to take over and become its ruler. This is what prompted the StarFox team to investigate and ultimately resolve the planets dire situation. Scales is much larger than his cohorts standing up straight as opposed to being hunched over, wears a horned helmet and armor and even has one hand replaced with what appears to be some double bladed claws. Here’s an image of him so you can see for yourself:

Now doesn’t he look bad ass? Of course he does. From the onset of the game and consistently throughout it, he’s causing havoc on the planet and definitely going out of his way to ensure that Fox doesn’t succeed in his mission. The excitement leading up to the end is often generated from the thoughts of eventually getting fight General Scales in what would have been the penultimate battle of the game. Unfortunately, it never comes to pass.

The moment comes when Fox finally comes face-to-face with the tyrannical lizard in what should have been the ultimate showdown. Scales withdraws a sword and the two are about to battle and then… Andross intervenes, takes away Scales’ powers and the battle is over before it ever began. Ridiculous! The lead up to this battle was so immense only to have it stripped away in the end. Why? Rare claimed in one edition of Scribes that this was due to “time constraints”, meaning they didn’t actually have time to program and create an actual fight with the character. Why this was is beyond me, but I can honestly say that it was one of the most disappointing moments I’ve ever experienced in a Rare title. It’s just one of those things that are unforgivable and will always be wishing for something more. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been back to the game since my initial playthroughs back in 2002/early 2003?

For those of you have played StarFox Adventures, do you equally share my laments? Were you and are you disappointed that the battle with General Scales ceases to exist?