EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- The Sacred Targitzan

Deep, deep down at the bottom of ancient Mayahem Temple dwells an evil within a ‘Really, Really Sacred Chamber’. This evil is known as Targitzan and he is the protector of a Golden Jiggy… a Jiggy that Banjo and Kazooie must retrieve if they plan to avenge the death of their ol’ pal Bottles at the hands of the Gruntilda Winkybunion.


Targitzan is a gargantuan totem pole that Banjo and Kazooie must defeat by firing eggs at the red targets located on the totem’s three separate layers. The layers are constantly spinning, so a well placed shot with the eggs is required to properly hit the targets which will destroy each respective layer. To make matters worse, there are also Moggys that will simultaneously be attacking to prevent Targitzan’s defeat. Thankfully though, they are easily disposable with only a couple of egg shots.

Once each layer of Targitzan has been destroyed, the totem himself announces that he is set to self-implode. A Jiggy is all that remains where his wooden self once was.

Aside from the battle with Klungo at the beginning, I thought Targitzan was a very worthy opponent and a great introduction to the many bosses presented throughout Banjo-Tooie. What are your thoughts on your encounter with Targitzan? Did you think him difficult and/or fun? Share your opinions in the comments!