EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Who is Thorn?

Thorn is an evil, sometimes gigantic troll and is the primary antagonist in Kameo: Elements of Power. He was once the leader of a great Troll empire that was once at peace with the Elves. When the leader of the Elves, King Solon, left the Enchanted King, Thorn and his minions attacked bringing the land into utter chaos. King Solon eventually returns to see his homeland at war and utilizes the Elements of Power to defeated and seal away Thorn once-and-for-all. Or so he had thought… He himself would never know the truth as he mysteriously disappeared after the Great Battle was won.

A generation later, Thorn is released from his magical imprisonment by Kameo’s jealous sister, Kalus. Upon his release, he captures Kameo’s family and holds them as prisoners in his attempt to reign over the Enchanted Kingdom. Using the the same great Elemental Powers as Solon did before her, Kameo challenges Thorn in one last great battle; however, she wasn’t alone.

Feigning regret for her decision to betray her family, Kalus assists Kameo in the final battle and ultimately sacrifices herself to defeat him. Both her and Thorn turn to stone and sink to the bottom of the sea where they remain to this very day.