EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Why Kalus Betrayed Her Family

EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Why Kalus Betrayed Her Family

Jealous. A term that is best defined as someone or something that is “suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival”. It was being jealous that corrupted Kalus to head down a dark and dreadful path that eventually lead her to betray her entire family. Kalus was positioned to one day become the new Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom because she of her lineage to the current queen. She was the daughter of Queen Theena, so by all rights she would be the next rightful heiress to the throne; Theena however, did not quite perceive things that way. She favored her adopted daughter, Kameo, more in no-small-part because of her ability to control the Elements of Power.

Kalus was deeply jealous of Kameo and the attention that surrounded her. The jealousy ate away at her like a cancer, consuming her mind and thoughts until she one day decided to take action. She unleashed the evil troll king Thorn, who attacked the Enchanted Kingdom and took her mother and family as prisoners. This lead Kameo to risk everything to put a stop to Kalus’s betrayal and Thorn’s treacherous deeds.

Despite Kalus’s wrongful actions, was she right to be jealous? From her perception, she had all rights to be. Everything that Kameo was was what she should have been. She grew up watching her adopted sister garner all of her mother’s attention because Kameo was ultimately better at everything and completely oblivious to the jealous air that surrounded her. While Kalus’s decision to betray her family in the manner she did was uncalled for, it’s hard not to feel a bit of pity toward her. Both Theena and Kameo could have been more aware of her feelings and plight and perhaps the betrayal that later followed could have been prevented.

The moral to all of this is that while jealousy can be such a corruptive force in the nature of humanity or, in this case, elves, it can be potentially quashed before it gets too far out of hand. Kameo and Theena took no heed to the jealousy surrounding Kalus, and as a result they were betrayed and forced into a war that by all accounts could have easily been prevented.

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One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Thorn Thursday- Why Kalus Betrayed Her Family

  1. I love this game, it’s the first one I got with my Xbox 360, it’s a shame that Microsoft cancelled the sequel, there’s even more going on but you got the ‘Favoured Kameo because she could turn into the elemental warriors’ bit wrong.

    Theena favoured Kameo long before she had the elements of power and elemental warriors because she turned up in the palace gardens one day being held by the elemental sprites. The king had saved Kameo as a baby and summoned a pegasus to carry her to the kingdom in the comic version, though in the podcast version King Solon dies after cursing Thorn, the elements of Power falling into Kameo’s little hands.

    This was King Solon’s final act before he died, by placing the seal on Thorn to trap him in stone, which drained his life-force and ultimately killed him, literally disappearing after that.

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