EXCLUSIVE: Top Seven Rare Items to Collect

7. Tribal Heads

Rescuing the Tribals in Jet Force Gemini is tough. One of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do in a Rare title. There are quite a bit of them and they all must be rescued in order to complete the game. Thankfully, if trying to save the peace faring tribe becomes frustrating–which it surely will–, you have an option to kill them and collect their pudgy little heads. No, it doesn’t do anything and you’ll still have to rescue them anyway, but that doesn’t stop exacting some revenge and taking their heads to collect from being satisfying.

6. Bananas

In Rare’s Donkey Kong Country titles, bananas were strewn throughout the levels to collect individually or in banana bunches. For every one hundred collected, you earned an extra life which would certainly come in handy at the later parts of the game. The bananas across the race tracks in Diddy Kong Racing could be used to speed up your racer and the 500–yes, that’s 500–paid your way into bosses’ chamber by feeding Troff N’ Scoff. There are probably more bananas to collect in Rare’s Donkey Kong games than all of the collectibles in their other games combined!

5. Rare Books

Hidden away in Grabbed by the Ghoulies is an entire collection of Rare Books, little blue books with the glorius Rare logo imprinted on the cover. There are a total of 100 books in the entire game, meaning there is one in every room of the mansion. For every five collected, a special mini-game and bonus challenge is unlocked that can then be completed to unlock deleted cutscenes and concept art. Good luck finding them all!

4. Golden Bananas

201. That’s how many Golden Bananas were needed to fully 101% complete Donkey Kong 64. It was a whopping and unbelievable amount to collect. There were 25 to collect in each world–five per Kong–and they were used to open up additional worlds in the game. While I personally loved collecting them all and enjoying the challenge of it, it played its part in DK 64 becoming the king of all collect-a-thons, which I absolutely have to agree with.

3. Trophy Thomas Trophies

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts retained the traditional items to collect and/or earn throughout the adventure such as Notes and Jiggies, but it also introduced something entirely new in the form of Trophies. Each of the 131 of the games challenges has a Trophy that can be earned for Trophy Thomas and they are the hardest items in the game to collect. They can be fun to obtain and sometimes outright annoying! In my opinion, they are by and far the most difficult thing to ever collect in Rare’s rich thirty year history of developing games.

2. Jiggies

Banjo-Kazooie introduced to the world the best implementation of jigsaw pieces, better known in the Banjo franchise as Jiggies. Each and every Banjo-Kazooie game has Jiggies to collect and while the ways in which they are collected may vary from game-to-game, their premise remains the same: they are used to open up additional worlds within the games.

1. The Pinatas

If ever there was something to collect, it was the Pinatas of Viva Pinata. There’s much more to it than simply throwing a ball and hoping to catch it by luck; you actually had to go through specific steps to attract the Pinata to your Garden, lure it into the Garden and then another process to make it a resident of the Garden. It can be quite an enduring experience depending on which Pinata you’re trying to obtain, but it is every bit worth it because once you get them you can name them, romance them to have babies, dress them and so much more. It’s a very entertaining and fun experience.