EXCLUSIVE: Top Seven Rare Kings

7. King Jeff

King Jeff, leader of the Tribals. It’s hard to say whether he was really a good king or not considering he let his entire clan be kidnapped by the evil Tyran Mizar and he himself still roamed around freely. Strange that he wasn’t taken as well, right? Nonetheless, the savior of the Tribal race was none other than the Jet Force Gemini team who risked everything to save the Tribals from evil while Jeff just moseyed about doing, well, nothing!

6. King RedEye

He was the leader of the terrifying RedEye tribe who tormented the Earthwalkers and nearly extinguished their entire race! He was the keeper of the final spell stone that Fox required to save Sauria and Krystal from its terrible fate. King RedEye was ultimately defeated within his prison by Fox when his skull was pierced by Krystal’s staff. What a way to go, huh?

5. King Jingaling

Much like King Jeff, King Jingaling was hardly the royal leader who should have been. Gruntilda kidnapped all of the Jinjos for a second time while he sat in his throne room and did nothing. It wasn’t long though afterward that he was zombified by Grunty’s B.O.B machine, so perhaps he should receive a bit of a break? Either way, I’d say a Jinjo security team to protect his race from harm would be some sound advice.

4. Panther King

He was a big and ferocious king who only wanted one thing: a decent table that could hold his milk to prevent it from spilling. Perhaps he had some mental issues though considering he wanted a red squirrel to be used as his missing table leg to provide it stability. It’s an insane and quirky motive, but he goes to great lengths to acquire Conker, only to be disposed of in the end by an alien… that was living inside of him! Shocking!

3. Skedar King

Those poor, poor souls who thought he was just another of dataDyne’s pawns. The Skedar King had disguised himself as a human and went by the name of Mr. Blonde. He was always in charge and became the primary target of the Carrington Institute and the Mayan alien race. He was defeated and killed by Agent Joanna Dark in an epic battle on his home planet.

2. King K. Rool

This reptilian king of the Kremlins is overly obsessive with apenapping and stealing bananas. He is resilience for attempting to acquire Donkey Kong’s precious banana hoard is unrelenting and he will do anything to get his scaly hands on it. Unfortunately for him though, the Kongs always prevail leaving him banana-less and nothing to show for his unfruitful attempts of keeping the banana hoard for himself.

1. Conker the King

Unlike the other individuals on this list, Conker wasn’t always a king from the beginning. It was a title he was given because he earned it. He braved a long and enduring war against the evil Tediz; survived a curse after being transformed into a bat; fought against a great and mighty poo; and ultimately defeated the alien possessed Panther King to become King of the land. His adventure was wild and insane and in the end, I would say he deserved to be King.