EXCLUSIVE: Top Seven Rare Queens

7. CloudRunner Queen, Star Fox Adventures

This Kazooie look-alike CloudRunner Queen is the queen of the CloudRunner tribe, who are a group of pterodactyls that do not get along with the EarthWalkers. She serves as the GateKeeper to the CloudRunner Fortress and grants Fox access to it after she has been rescued from her imprisonment by General Scales. She’s captured again later on which prompts Fox to rescue her once more along with her sons in order to access the hiding place of Scales. Sounds like a group of bodyguards would really do her justice…

6. Queen Bee, Donkey Kong Country

She’s the Queen of the Zingers and oversees the Vine Valley area of DK Isle in Donkey Kong Country. She herself is nearly ten times the size of a normal Zinger is naturally much more ferocious. She attacks with fierce speed and will stop at nothing to destroy Donkey and Diddy. Like all other Zingers though, she’s no match for the dreadful barrel, but she take more damage than her feisty cohorts.

5. Banana Fairy Queen, Donkey Kong 64

Yeah, that’s right. Banana Fairy. Rare had no shame in utilizing bananas in whatever way possible and the fact they created a fairy designed from one is an excellent example of that. The Banana Fairy Queen has a very special prize for the Kong’s that consists of the elusive 201st Golden Banana, but it is not something that she will just willingly hand over. To obtain it requires the capture of all of the banana fairies using a very special camera gifted by the Banana Fairy Queen and also all 200 other Golden Bananas. It’s a long and enduring quest to get them all, but the special ending that comes from the Queens last Golden Banana is priceless and worth every minute of the time invested.

4. Queen B., Banjo-Tooie

Ahhh Queen B… Giver of honeycombs and life. Banjo and Kazooie meet her in their quest to seek revenge for the death of poor Bottles the Mole. She is located near Glitter Gulch Mine in the Isle O’ Hags and resides in a giant bee hive. Naturally, her duty to aid the bear and bird duo is to provide them with extra life when they bring her Hollow Honeycombs. Her role is dire in the success of the quest as extra energy can really go a long ways.

3. Queen Theena, Kameo: Elements of Power

She’s the Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom and likewise the adopted mother of none other than Kameo herself. While showing favoritism for Kameo over her true daughter, Kalus, may not been the proper way to go about things, her decision was just as Kalus had a wicked and evil side to her. Queen Theena’s decision for Kameo to be the next ruler of the thrown was wise and Kameo proved that by harnessing the Elements of Power and saving not only her family but the entire Enchanted Kingdom from the evil troll Thorn.

2. Dark Queen, Battletoads

The Dark Queen is a beautiful and evil villian who hates the Battletoads, Zitz and Pimple, with a passion. She taunts them at every opportunity she gets and believes they simply do not have the potential to reach her lair. When and if they do, they discover a treacherous magical wielding foe with the ability to transform into a tornado (Battletoads), teleport and attack with a magical staff (Battletoads in Battlemaniacs), and even attack with fireballes (Battletoads & Double Dragon). She’s relatively easy to defeat however, making the journey to reach her more difficult than the actual fight itself. She also had a role in the Battletoads television series (yes, there was one) where she is trying to obtain a magical amulet held by the Princess Angelica.

1. Banana Bird Queen, Donkey Kong Country III: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble

Hidden throughout Donkey Kong Country 3 are Banana Birds that have been sealed away inside of crystals in well hidden caverns. The Banana Birds are released from their “imprisonment” when a sequence of button presses are completed in a distinct and specific order. There are only thirteen hidden in the game and rescuing them all yields a really awesome surprise: the true ending of DKC 3 as harnessed by none other than the Banana Bird Queen. K. Rool imprisoned the Queen and releasing her allows her to exact revenge on the reptilian King by chasing him around DK Isle, dropping an egg atop his head and subsequently banning him from the island forever. It’s a justful end to K. Rool and the game and one that only the Banana Queen had the power to accomplish.