EXCLUSIVE: Top Seven Rare Veterans to Remember

In lieu of the American Memorial Day, I thought it would be a good time to examine several veterans in Rare’s titles that have both risked their lives and even given their lives in the name of good and evil. Here are my Top Seven Rare Veterans to Remember!

7. Klump

King K. Rool had a vast array of cohorts that assisted him in attempting to prevent Donkey and Diddy Kong from retrieving their precious banana hoard. Klump, with his army belt and camouflaged helmet, was at the front of the pack, always charging to put an end to the Kongs. He was never much a foe to defeat, but his efforts should be applauded nonetheless.

6. Captain Skyhawk

It’s not every day that pilot gets to save the world from an alien invasion; but in the case of Captain Skyhawk, that is exactly what happened. Aliens have invaded Earth and are hell-bent on using Earth’s energy to power their massive alien mothership which will, in-turn, allow them to destroy Earth with a massive laser blast. How’s that for irony? Captain Skyhawk, however, will not allow this to happen and does everything he could possibly do to single-handedly destroy the alien invasion and save Earth from a horrible demise.

5. Private Rodent

Though a cowardly little fellow he was, he was still there all the same to provide Conker with some much needed assistance in his battle against the Tediz. His special experimental armor saved both his and Conker’s life numerous times, as it could easily deflect bullets and even withstand explosions! He nearly gave the ultimate sacrifice in the end, but his armor once again managed to save him from an untimely fate.

4. Farron

Thorn has returned to the Enchanted Kingdom and has ordered his troll cohorts to lay siege to the Badlands, thus reinstating an age old war. Leading the elves in the war is Farron, the elvish leader who is resilient to his own safety and at the forefront of every single battle.  His skills and abilities are absolutely dire to winning the war, for without his leadership the elves may never have been able to defeat the hoardes of Thorn’s trolls! Even in provides assistance to Kameo from time-to-time, giving her horse to help her get around the Badlands at a faster pace.

3. Jam-Jars

“Here’s a move that’s a load of fun, now use Kazooie as a hand-held gun!” Without Jam-Jars’ vast knowledge of skills and abilities, Banjo and Kazooie would never have had a chance of defeating Gruntilda and saving ghostly Bottles. He was a huge ally in the adventure and proved even in a quest full of magic and witches could always use a good soldier!

2. Conker

What a brave soldier he was! From the hardly-safe confines of a small boat he proceeded directly into enemy territory, with bullets poised to kill him and his companions firing from every direction. Against all odds he trudged straight into the Tediz’ stronghold to attempt to put an end to the dreadful war, risking his own life all at every turn.

1. Jet Force Gemini Team

Juno, Vela and Lupus: three faithful companions on a mission to stop an evil tyrant bent on ruling the universe.  They traverse from plaent-to-planet risking everything to put an end to Mizar’s treachery, defeating his Drone loyalists and rescuing the helpless Tribals along the way. In the end, they come face-to-face with the great tyrant himself and ultimately defeat him. The trio are rewarded for their bravery and accomplishments, making them the greatest among the Jet Force Gemini crew.