EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- How Rare Could Fix Jet Force Gemini

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Rare’s Jet Force Gemini. Out of all of the game’s in their enormous back catalog, it’s JFG that I would like to see ported to the Xbox LIVE Arcade more than any other. But despite how awesome of a game it is, it isn’t perfect and had a few flaws here and there that should be addressed should a port of the game ever come to fruition. The biggest issue that would need to be corrected is the Tribal collecting.

I didn’t really have an issue with the Tribal collecting issue. Sure, it was tough and was an additional challenge to already difficult game, but it was far from being a game breaker… to me anyway. Sadly, others didn’t see it that way. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with Jet Force Gemini, there is a certain point in the game where you will have to return to each of the galaxies planets and save all of the Tribals. It’s not easy and should even one of them be killed, then you’ll have to begin that particular mission over again and rescue them all. This turned many people off from the game and prevented them from fully completing it as they thought it was too difficult. So how could Rare fix this? It’s simple really…

Did you play the XBLA port of Banjo-Kazooie? If so, then you surely noticed the difference in the collecting of Notes. In that version of the game, once a Note has been collected, you never had to collect it again. That is how Rare could ‘fix’ Jet Force Gemini. Don’t be rid of the Tribal collecting altogether, but rather allow the rescuing of the Tribals to be done throughout the adventure without ever having to return and save the same Tribals over and over again because only one had an unfortunate end.

So what do you think? Could this simple solution make Jet Force Gemini a more bearable experience, or do you think rescuing the Tribals should be completely optional?