EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- The Jet Force Gemini ‘Hair Dryer’

EXCLUSIVE: Tribal Tuesday- The Jet Force Gemini ‘Hair Dryer’

Jet Force Gemini was home to a variety of different weapons. Weapons that were naturally used to defeat the vast array of enemy Drones and gargantuan bosses that Mizar had at his disposal. One such weapon was the Jet Force Pistol that Juno, Vela, and Lupus each wielded at all times. It’s the game’s most basic weapon with unlimited ammo and can fire up to six rapidly fired shots at a time before needing to take a moment to recharge. It also has the most basic design and resembles a… hair dryer! Seriously, look at the picture below…

Does that not resemble a hair dreyer you? Throughout the entire playthrough of the game, I couldn’t help but think I was obliterating Mizar’s forces using standard body appliance. The resemblance is incredibly uncanny in my opinion. Did any of you ever share that same thought?

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