EXCLUSIVE: Vote Now For Which Character You Want Back In Killer Instinct

EXCLUSIVE: Vote Now For Which Character You Want Back In Killer Instinct

Are you a fan of Ultra Tech’s Fulgore? How about the skeletal, sword wielding Spinal? Or the scantily clad B.Orchid perhaps? Every diehard Rare and Killer Instinct fan has a specific fighter that they would love to see included in the upcoming Killer Instinct for Xbox One. With Jago, Sabrewulf and Glacius having already been publicly shown, who else should make the cut?

I’ve put together a poll below listing the remaining Killer Instinct characters we have yet to see, so I encourage you to vote for who you want back the most as well leave feedback in the comments on why you want that character to return. Double Helix has requested I do this, so they will be keeping an eye on the poll results and feedback. With that in mind, vote away and do not refrain from sharing your opinions in the comments!

Which Character Do You Want To Return To Killer Instinct For Xbox One?

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10 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Vote Now For Which Character You Want Back In Killer Instinct

  1. IVanSpinal

    i voted for Thunder because Spinal is confirmed but i want Tusk too

  2. Wolfrisulvur

    Words can’t do justice to what an amazing spectacle Riptor was in the original KI – possibly the most incredible fighting game character ever.

  3. Flowshow

    For goodness sake Bring all the characters back. Why is double helix trying to leave out characters. This is supposed to be a reunion. It’s shocking how this double helix guys think regarding characters gosh.

    1. B

      Because the game is only 9 months into production and they already have to release it in 5 months.

      Most games take well over 2 years to make.

  4. PureSangheili

    I vote for Riptor because Spinal is confirmed.
    Riptor is so agressive, i love him!

    Why we can’t have all the originals character? I dont understand…

  5. Rodrigo

    B.Orchid é simplesmente Destruidora coloquem-na pelo amor de Deus
    O Brazil é fan de Killer instinct Lembrem-se de Nos…

  6. eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedol !!!!!

  7. Junior

    Todos os personágens, incluindo o RIPTOR!

  8. Liz

    Bom dia! Aguardo um excelente retorno de Fulgore e Spinal! Também gostaria de sugerir uma personagem feminina (humana com poderes especiais), que atue na defesa da Ultratech como personagem secreta no jogo…Tenho em mãos um bom projeto e detalhes completos para a mesma. Por favor não esqueçam dos No Mercies , Stage Finishers, e dos Ultimates! Nós Brasileiros somos fãs do jogo e espero que a nova versão tenha tanto sucesso quanto as anteriores. Grande abraço!

  9. 90's Forever

    Voted for Orchid always my favorite, but yeah why not bring everyone back! I love KI 1 & 2, wish this was coming to PS4 too. Maybe in the future.

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